10 Turkish-backed Fighters Reportedly Killed In YPG Bombing Attacks In Afrin

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10 Turkish-backed Fighters Reportedly Killed In YPG Bombing Attacks In Afrin

Turkish-backed militants in the area of Afrin

On August 12, cells of the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) carreid out two separate bombing attacks on the Turkish Armed Forces and the Turkish-backed militant group Firqat Hamza in the northern Syrian area of Afrin, the YPG claimed in a statement on Auugust 15.

According to the statement, the YPG attacked the Turkey-led forces on the road leading to the district of Tirandah in the Afrin area. At least 10 Turkish-backed fighters were allegedly killed and 20 others were injured in the attacks.

On August 11, the YPG set off a motorcycle-bomb on the road to the village of Kafr Jannah in the district of Shera. This bombing allegedly hit a patrol moving in the area and killed at least one Turkish soldier, according to the YPG claims.

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Mustafa Mehmet

This motherfucker shit heads Attack turkish force ? no proof aging.


Mustafa, lets be intelligent, get some syrian friends.


By the moment, I don’t give a dam by who is killed in Afrin, where the SAA are missing, because of some Kurds that preferred to hand Afrin to the Turks. In Idlib, takfiris were killing takfiris, and in Afrin, traitors are killing traitors, by now, period.

Brother Ma

See the tall pig in the middle holding the flag with the ak47 machine gun? The one with the clean-shaven face,well he looks very much like the bitch who cut the head off the ten year old boy in the pickup truck in aleppo.you know ,the Fsa nur -denki rats supported by Erdo.

Now why would Er-dog-an support this trash? Hmm?


Her Bijî YPG !!

Gary Sellars

Look at these filthy orcs… They will die screaming, gurgling on their own blood. Go SAA, send these mangy curs to meet their maker in Hell.


That index finger pointing up identifies them as islamist terrorists, no need calling them militants.