118 Taliban Militants Killed In Series Of Operations: Afghan MoD

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118 Taliban Militants Killed In Series Of Operations: Afghan MoD

Afghan National Army soldiers prepare to move out following an inspection of troops at the Regional Military Training Center at Tactical Base Gamberi, Afghanistan, on July 30, 2015. JARROD MORRIS/U.S. ARMY

The Afghan National Army (ANA) had killed 118 militants of the Taliban and had wounded 30 others in a series of operations in different parts of the country, the Ministry of Defense of Afghanistan announced on April 29.

According to the MoD, four individuals affiliated with the militant group were also apprehended by the ANA during the operations.

The ANA operations took place in the provinces of Laghman, Ghazni, Kandahar, Zabul Herat, Ghor, Balkh, Helmand and Takhar.

“In addition, 169 IEDs which were placed by the Taliban on public roads were discovered by the ANA,” the Afghan MoD added in its statement.

Later, the Afghan MoD announced that 13 Taliban fighters, including 4 Pakistani nationals, had been killed in an attack by the ANA on their hideout in the Barmal district in the province of Paktika.

Despite the ongoing withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, the battle between government forces and the Taliban appears to be heating up.

US troops will be out from Afghanistan by September 11. If the government and the Taliban fail to agree on a workable political settlement before this date, the situation in the country may explode. The US is ignoring this threat.


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