12 Killed In Large ISIS Attack On Syrian Army Posts In Deir Ezzor

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12 Killed In Large ISIS Attack On Syrian Army Posts In Deir Ezzor

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Early on July 28, ISIS cells launched a large-scale attack on the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) and its allies in the western Deir Ezzor countryside.

The attack targeted posts located near al-Kuratah oil station, in Jabal al Bishri and along Deir Ezzor’s administrative border with Raqqa.

According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, heavy clashes broke out between ISIS terrorists and Syrian troops. Warplanes of the Russian Aerospace Forces targeted the terrorists with a number of airstrikes.

“The clashes resulted in the killing of seven members of regime forces and loyal militias, in addition to the killing of at least five members of the organization [ISIS] as a result of aerial bombardment and clashes,” the London-based monitoring group said in a report.

This was one of ISIS largest attacks in central Syria this year. The attack was most likely launched from the terrorist group’s main stronghold in the region, the Homs desert. The desert area lays between eastern Homs and western Deir Ezzor.

Despite its ability to launch large-scale attacks, the terrorist group is still contained away from large urban centers and key roads.

ISIS cells in central Syria are not surviving on their own. The terrorists reportedly receive support from US-backed fighters based in the southeastern area of al-Tanf, where the US-led coalition maintains a garrison.


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.CIA KURDISH scums did it…bastados

Richard D

How are these rats spawning so quickly and where are their rat wombs hiding? Are these rats crawling out of refugee camps funded by U.N.? How can we stop their breeding program? The reign of terror will never end until the source is destroyed. We are so sad the Iraqi Baath party would have seen these cockroaches as allies, only to be crucified as atheists later by these rats!

Last edited 2 months ago by Richard D
The Objective

It reminds me of an analysis I read: “Russia’s failed efforts to restructure the Syrian army”

Icarus Tanović

This remids me of a punk named objective…well it was him, actually! Oh man…
Indian guy who think of him self that is a turkish for some reason, wanna be turkish nationalist, mongol or whatever.

Jim Allen

Pretender shills, read pretender propaganda.
That Government controls just about 90% of the country gives proof that the analogy, and yourself are liar’s. In your case a deliberate pathological liar.


i Feel thi is mostly from Kurds Asyish who pretend to be isil and crossing the Euphrate as Civilian and join other group in desert. And US supplies them with Air thier weeopens from Altanaf

Icarus Tanović

FOAB time for rats.


Take Al Tanf down,end of problem.


Never how ?


I think too this is about Al Tanf. I have heard, that this IS terrorists are controlled by former members of Saddam Hussains secret services, who are working for the Biden regime. There has to be done something about Al Tanf.