Huge offensive launched by Yemeni army and Houthi rebels inside Saudi Arabia

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Huge offensive launched by Yemeni army and Houthi rebels inside Saudi Arabia

Yemeni Republican Guard along with the popular committees and Houthi fighters have shocked the Saudi command with this offensive.

In coordination with the Yemeni resistance the Yemeni army stormed Saudi position’s capturing the Town of Al-Khubah as Saudi coalition forces retreated. Saudi forces also lost control of a military base to Yemeni forces.

Saudi forces not only turned in full retreat some put down their weapons and surrendered to the Yemeni resistance. Yemeni Republican Guard along with Houthi fighters to full control over the small villages of Shabakat and Mustahdath in the Jizan region of Saudi-Arabia. The large offensive has left Saudi-command in shock.

Yemeni forces began the offensive after Saudi forces launched unprovoked airstrikes on defensive positions across southern Yemen, these unprovoked strikes were in breach of the ceasefire .


Gerard Dinnen

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Fighting does not really seem to be a Saudi specialty….

Any Mouse

Getting bitch slapped is a Saudi specialty….


Sacudís are a race of Cutthroats who became rich. Their specialty is the stab in the back at midnight and goat sodomy……The Houties on the other hand are a race of honorable warriors and have defeated the Saudi desert nomads repeatedly throughout history

Real Anti-Racist Action

The Saudis cousins are the Hebrews. They are all descendants of Father Abraham.
Abraham had two sons, one spawned the Saudis, the other the Hebrews.
And they are all cut throats. They act the same.
You are right about the Houties as well. They are a good and noble people.
I find Shia in general to also be noble.

Any Mouse

The Saudi (and GCC) elites are not Muslims but of TALMUDIC fake-a-jew origin.

Examples of what the Talmud teaches:

Kethuboth 11b. ” If an adult jew man has sexual intercourse with a little girl it is nothing to worry about, because if the girl is less than three years old, it is as if sticking a finger in the eye – eyes fill with tears, for and again. Likewise, virginity comes back to a little girl under three (3) years. ”

Aboda sara 37a. “A Jew can desecrate a non-jew girl when she was aged 3 years and one day.”

Gittin 57a. “Jesus is in hell, where his punishment is that ‘cooked in heated sperm.’ ‘

Sanhedrin105a. “Jesus ‘committed bestiality, corrupted people morally, and is relegated to hell.'”

Sanhedrin107b. “Jesus was trying to seduce women, was excommunicated by a Rabbi, worshiped then a brick, seduced Israel and used magic.”

Zohar Shemot. ” Extermination of Christians is a necessary sacrifice. ”

Berachot 47b. “Only the Jews descended from God all humans descended from the devil.”

The TALMUD is what every Freemason and other forms of Kabbalists or otherwise Talmudists study.

This is what elites around the world stand for – and they’ve created the world in their image…

Any Mouse

This is what Putin, Beijing, Tehran and all those elites standing on the side of humanity DISALOW THEIR INTELLIGENCE OFFICES from studying.

Putin and Assad are clueless about the regementality and genealogy of their Enemy.

“We are not fighting flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in/from heavenly paces [read other planets and dimension]”.


Good news.
This will lift the sectarian war to a higher level.