13 Injured In Rocket Strike On Turkish-Occupied Afrin In Northern Syria (Videos)

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13 Injured In Rocket Strike On Turkish-Occupied Afrin In Northern Syria (Videos)

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Late on February 17, a barrage of rockets targeted the Turkish-occupied Syrian city of Afrin in the northern Aleppo countryside.

The rockets landed in the city’s center and western outskirts. At least 13 people, including six children and three women, were reportedly injured as a result of the strike.

Opposition sources said the rockets were launched from a strip of land south of Afrin held by the Kurdish People’s Protection Units. The Syrian Arab Army maintains a fairly large force in the region.

Kurdish forces were accused of carrying out the strike by most opposition sources. However, the North Press Agency claimed that pro-government forces launched the rockets from the town of Nubul south of Kurdish-held areas.

In response to the strike, the Turkish military artillery shelled the Kurdish-held towns of Kasht’ar, Abin and Deir Jamal. No losses were reported.

A state of lawlessness has been prevailing over Afrin, which was occupied by Turkish forces in 2018. On January 30, a bombing in Afrin’s city center killed six people and injured 16 others. On February 13, a series of clashes between Turkish proxies killed and injured 14 militants.


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