150 US and UK Special Operations Forces Servicemen Entered Homs Province To Support Rebel Advance On Deir Ezzor (Video)

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About 150 servicemen of the US and UK special operations forces have entered southern Syria in order to support a ‘rebel advance’ against ISIS along the Syrian-Iraqi border, according to the pro-Turkish SMART News agency.

US and UK military servicemen alongside with members of Jaysh Mughawyr Al-Thurah (a pro-Western militant group) have been already engaged in clashes with ISIS terrorists in the area.

Jaysh Mughawyr Al-Thurah, backed by the US and UK special operation forces, are now in about 90km west of the government-held city of Palmyra in the province of Homs. They are advancing in the northwestern direction along the Syrian-Iraqi border. The city of Deir Ezzor is another possible target of the operation.

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Mmm wonder where Spetznaz is?

John Whitehot

wait, don’t tell no more.

you’re about to start lamenting about how the russians are failing to defend syria.

Solomon Krupacek

this would be not lameting, but unemotional definition od reality.

Gary Sellars

…still peddling your anti-Russia bullshit?

Solomon Krupacek

you are cock :DDDD

John Whitehot

no really.
Assad forces have been defeated, an islamic government is in place and the russians have retreated back to the safety of their home.

Sadly for some people, this never happened.

Miguel Redondo

I don´t understand the position and the movement of the troops. 90 km west of Palmyra …. advancing in northwestern direction? ….. To Deir Ezzor???

John Whitehot

that they are advancing to deir ezzor is purely the opinion of the writer.

My opinion is that they will not go there at all.


Agreed, far more likely to interdict the highway and recon-in-force Abu Kamal and SYRIA-IRAQ border crossing positions

Bill Wilson

The US/UK/FSA have been in control of the highway and blocking the airbase (major weapons depot for ISIS) for quite some time. Their positions deny ISIS the use of the few improved roads going west along with the T2-Palmyra highway so any ISIS units coming down from the west and north now have to drive over to Deir Azzor to reach Mayadin. It also prevents ISIS from sending reinforcements quickly to Arak and al-Sukhnuh to slow the SAA advance towards Deir Azzor. The SAA is getting geared up to advance west and southwest of Deir Azzor to gain control of the N-S roads so ISIS to the south becomes isolated along a stretch of river with Iraq being their only way out.


That possibility does exist though…The US military stated earlier that the forces they amassed in Jordan were to be used to attack ISIS at Deir Ezzor. Then there are the terrorists that left Tabqa, obstensively headed for Deir Ezzor. It’s quite possible that ISIS and the US forces could link up and ‘fight it out’ while attacking the Syrian Army at Deir Ezzor. The SAA is trying to head off such a development…as they do not trust the US. Deir Ezzor is the key to the west slicing up Syria and taking a section to run a pipeline through. Attacking to the west of Palmyra would be more indicative of weakening the SAA for a land attack through the Golan. Both are possible.

John Whitehot

you summed it up pretty much with the phrase:

“The SAA is trying to head off such a development…as they do not trust the US”

imho It’s a trick made to confuse and demoralize the Syrian military, based on a true (or taken as such) fact: there is a US presence.

Since somebody needs to keep those syrians under pressure, because peace and stability in the country is not appreciated, it is supposed that the yanks will advance and engage them, instead of ISIS.

Scenarios like “invasion of Syria through the Golan” have the same likeness of science-fiction and they stink of israeli manipulation.

The truth is that the US is not going to make anything really meaningful against Assad, because they know, and they have been assured, that it would mean war with Russia.

The US may sometimes be an extension of israeli foreign policy, but not to the point of causing a nuclear war.
And as a sidenote – the attack on the syrian base was a bluff, and a clear message to israel, that Trump is not going to declare wars because israel urges him to.


Maybe they are going to see concert at Palmyra’s Roman theater…


SF needs to use a map and compass. The jump-off point at-Tanf border post and airstrip lies south of Palmyra and the US/GB battlegroup is advancing NE towards the imperative Palmyra-Abu Kamal/Qusaybah highway – as yet objective unclear.

John Whitehot

nicely said.


they want the oil fields…simple as that


Vladimir Vladimirovich (Владимир Владимирович), it is your turn…. make a move please.

Daniel Martin

It’s totally appalling that not a single European or western country nor the UN for that matter is commenting on the legality of this move by the U.S and it’s so called allies!? This is an outright aggression according to international law and the UN charter. This is same as Nazi Germanys invasion of Poland in 1939 or any other country that was subjected to the rage of the Nazi Germany’s criminal regime, this was also the cause for the famous Nuremburg trails in 1945. The U.S and it’s allies should bear in mind this fact.


Totally agree, good point man.


by every measure the NATO cabal of US/GB/FR/TU plus Qatar and Saudi have been waging an illegal war adainst the Syrian nation state for over six years yet none have been accountable nor will be – as the Israelis daily show us, and the Saudis in Yemen also, might equals right in todays world – the UN is useless, the ICC a sick joke, and the Arab League beneath contempt. God help Syria

Daniel Martin

I totally agree with you.


Sad but true. May the Good Lord defend Syria!

paolo duchateau

Come on Daniel! It’s not wrong !!


USA and Co doing the same heinous mistake as Sadam has done before to attack on Kuwait. UNO and international community knows that US and Co are hostile governments.


Well, the truth is – german aggression against Poland was more legal (or less illegal) than countless american aggressions worldwide, you didn’t have the UN back then (the league of nations was very different). Basically all American presidents since WW2 are war criminals (I’m not sure about Carter)

Wahid Algiers

Don’ t compare the US-criminals (criminal since the foundation of the US) with Germany in the 1930th. The WW2 was provoked by England and Poland.


Absolutely true. And lest we forget:

The World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933, as reported in a blaring New York Times headline. Claiming that war was being declared “on behalf of all Jews”, economic boycotts against Germany followed, along with agitation for war with Germany and the destruction of the German people.

Six years later World Jewry got what they openly said they wanted, total war against Germany and the German people. Amidst the terror bombing of German cities and civilians by the Allies, Hitler threatened retaliation against the enemy population of Jews in Europe. The Allies didn’t stop the slaughter of German civilians from saturation bombing, and Hitler made good on his threat of retaliation against enemy Jewish civilians.


No comparison – it’s far worse. Communist Jews were massacring ethnic Germans by the thousands. The Bromberg Massacre was one such. Hitler was far more justified in attacking Poland to stop the slaughter by the wannabe-Genrikh Yagodas. There is no reasonable excuse for what my government is doing, unless they own up to being the tools of the Zionists. Even then, not really reasonable. Many of us honor the good fight that Assad and the SAA are conducting against the Saudi-backed Sunni extremists. That is one reason that we voted for Trump, for America First and no more foreign wars. Fooled again, but what choice did we have? The killer of the modern nation-state of Libya, “He Died” Hillary?

Graeme Rymill

A shaky video and a vague news report….it doesn’t take much to get you guys all hot and bothered…..

Pampi Ta

In addition, it’s full of geographical blunders.


Always easier to be a critic than a creator. Perhaps you should start your own news effort, and see if you don’t make the occasional mistake.


So is that 150 men with 5 per tank say 10 tanks or is that ,

150 men with each man commanding a tank and crew . How many FSA ?

If its the latter , who knows , if Russia does not react with the air force and take them out , they might head for Damascus , in order to draw the Tiger Forces away from Deir Ezzor / oil fields / border .

DJ Double D

As I said before, ever since Russia entered into this war to help Syria, they became beneficiary of the war and guarantor of Syria state. So now they bear responsibility for whatever happens in Syria.


You would not be suggesting the US and Saudi funding and arming these jihadist armies thrown against Syria bear no responsibility .

Pampi Ta

This article is full of geographical errors, thus senseless. Check your north-south-east-west before publishing…
There’s no rebels Homs pocket 90 km west of Palmyra, just look at the map.
If they go northwestern, they would end up in the Mediterranean, not in the iraqi border !


Ridiculous statement that the whole article is senseless. If there is a geographic mis-orientation, then the author is merely human, such as you and I. The main essentials of the article, that US and UK forces are illegally in Syria helping the Sunni extremists, are correct.


a move that complicates things…..


The New World Order has now embarked on blatant thuggery it no longer attempts to conceal other than complete silence by the official media.


With the NATO/GCC sponsored proxy war stalled, the ‘rebels’ are now openly the actual NATO military.