20 ISIS Militants Killed In Failed Attack On Iraq’s Ramadi City

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20 ISIS Militants Killed In Failed Attack On Iraq's Ramadi City

Iraqi forces take cover during fighting with Daesh terrorists in Ramadi, the capital of the western Iraq Anbar Province, on September 27, 2017. Source: PRESS TV

On Wednesday, Iraqi security forces (ISF) killed 20 ISIS members after they attempted to seize al-Tash, Five Kilo, Seven Kilo and al-Jamea areas of Ramadi city in the province of Anbar.

According to Iraqi media, ISIS attacked the city earlier on Wednesday but failed to consolidate their gains and ISF, backed up by attack helicopters, retook the areas. Some 20 ISIS pickup trucks were reported in the city.

33 civilians were injured as a result of the clashes.

However, local sources report that the security operation is underway in Ramadi and some militants remain there.

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