25,000 ISIS Fighters Killed In Battle For Mosul – Iraqi Military

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25,000 ISIS Fighters Killed In Battle For Mosul - Iraqi Military


Major General Abdul Amir Yar Allah, commander of the military campaign for the liberation of Nineveh Province, said that more than 25000 ISIS fighters were killed during the 9-month long battle for Mosul city. According to Yar Allah, the liberation of the eastern part of Mosul took 101 days and the western part took 142 days. The operation began on October 17, 2016 and ended on July 10, 2017.

Yar Allah announced that during the liberation of Mosul, the Iraqi Army killed 450 ISIS suicide bombers, destroyed 1247 VBIED, and downed 130 ISIS drones – some of them armed – as well as destroyed more than 1500 vehicles.

“The battles to liberate the western and eastern parts of Mosul lasted about 9 months, with the participation of more than 100,000 fighters from the Army, Federal Police, Counter-terrorism, and Popular Mobilization Units (PMU),” Yar Allah said.

Moreover, Yar Allah said that the operation to liberate Mosul was flexible as the Iraqi Army didn’t only had to fight ISIS terrorists but also to rescue civilians in Mosul. The Major General confirmed that the fourth phase of operations “Return to Nineveh” to liberate Tal Afar north of Mosul will be launched soon.

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I remember when ISIS invaded Mosul with their 900 soldiers in Toyota pickup trucks. It was so clear that the Iraqi army was commanded to retreat. They even had black hawk helicopters which they left behind. MSM stated it was because the Iraqis had no courage and were demoralised.


Bribing military commanders to retreat is a well worn US tactic. They have used it in many conflicts. One of which was the regime change in Guatamala , 1953. It was the same playbook. US backed and trained ‘rebels’ with US Pilots and aircraft etc.


Yes, and US had spent about a year to teach Iraqi army how to use the equipment, but ISUS needs no training at all, they just pick the stuff up and go. Smells like a rat. This is in fact a great way to covertly arm your buddies – you give a huge cache of weapons to a friend (Iraq, a friend? I don’t think so, but you know what I mean) and the bribe them to leave it with just a light guard of drunks, then let your mates in with precise intelligence where everything is, and hey presto, you have just armed your buddies to fight a war! Then you blame the hell out of the guards and commiserate how incompetent everyone is, and secretly laugh on the way home about how “deniably” you managed to arm a big bunch of terrorists.


When the North Vietnamese army launched its final offensive in 1975, the South Vietnamese army, one of the best armed armies in the region, just melted away and collapsed. Was that on the orders of Washington too? Similarly the Georgian army, also well armed and trained by the US, hardly put up any fight in 2008 against the Russian army. Also on Washington’s orders?

Just because an army is well armed, supplied and received training by a major power does not make it into a lean mean fighting machine that can fight and win wars. Politicians always make that mistake and think that weapons and instructors are the answer. It’s all about motivation. And Iraq in 2014 was not a country that was well led. It’s PM had massively alienated the Sunnis and politicized the army. ISIS on the other hand was (and is) a well led and well motivated force, created out of a mix of Saddam’s old Baathists officer corps and intelligence apparatus, which explains why ISIS got its military expertize and knew who to target, mixed with Islamist extremists, who were well motivated. With the help of an alienated local Sunni population, together with extremely brutal tactics they cowered. the Iraqi army, which had no stomach to fight, and really wasn’t much of a fighting force to begin with. Because if you haven’t got much will to fight for a government you don’t like and the enemy will basically do extremely nasty things to you if they capture you, is it any wonder that most left running faster then Olympic marathon runners? I know I would.

But….., far easier to blame it all on nefarious American plots and conspiracies. So go with that if you like.


I guess you haven’t followed this war much? ISIS was created and funded by the US (among others), directly and indirectly. And don’t tell me that several black hawk helicopters couldn’t take out those jeeps on a straight road in the desert. Do you realise the size of Mosul? The Iraqis had an army of around 300,000 men (not all at Mosul of course) and ISIS rough 1000 light armed “soldiers” .

chris chuba

I don’t believe it. This number looks wildly inflated. ISIS did a fighting retreat in the outskirts of Mosul while it was being surrounded, they had an initially large standing force but when the situation turned hopeless they did their usual withdraw most of their force and leave 2-4,000 fight to the death corp.

How many civilians died at Mosul? About 8,000 have been recorded but there are many buried in the rubble. We will probably never know. Not trying to rain on the parade, ISIS is a competent and ferocious foe, but let’s be realistic.


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Who’s Allah is winning? All murderers will go to hell where they get to relive the murders they inflicted on others.


There is only 1 Allah he is the all mighty he is the God of Abraham Moses Noah Jesus Mohammed(peace be upon them all) these men on both sides are sick evil men masquerading as Muslims and they will answer to Allah for the babies that have been murdered in his name.


Allah is a moon god of old and thus a demon with horns. The God of Abraham says there is no other God than him. He has many names and some start with El…. I agree they will be judged severely under the 10 commandments before the White Throne Judgment Seat. M is in hell being sent waves of fires when there is a terrorist deed on earth. Thanks for your response.


You say it like you met the real god then..


Thank you for response. Yes, I spent 3 hours in heaven. His knees reach about 60 feet up. He is the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and has about 9 other names like Jehova Jirah – the Provider etc. The joy was so thick and wonderful. I did not want to go back to earth but had to.


False numbers.