27.08.2015 Military Report of Novorossia


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2 local were killed and 12 injured as result of Ukrainian military fire. Since yesterday, Ukrainian forces have shelled Donetsk, Gorlovka, Dokuchaevsk, Uglegorsk, Zaicevo, Aleksandrovka, Kulikovo and others. Ukrainian artillery positions were active at Bogdanovka, Novortroickoe, Starognatovka, Viktorovka, Travnevoe, Pishevik.

460 servicemen including 50 snipers of Kiev forces have reportedly moved to the Donetsk region. The strengthening of Ukrainian positions was observed at Granitnoe. 210 militants, 5 battle tanks, 2 APCs, 5 armored vehicles and 2 self-propelled artillery guns moved there.

A big group of Kiev military is based at Belaya Kamenka and aimed at Telmanovo in order to take control of a part of the border there.

The situation has become tenser in LPR. Kiev’s side has been exercising activity at Lugansk, Sanjarovka, Kalinovo, Veselogorovka, Kalinovka from the directions of Rassadka, Popasnaya, Troickoe, Svetlodarskoe, Trehizbenka, Schastie. A hard artillery duel was observed at Stannica Luganskaya last night. Ukrainian raid forces have been reportedly working in the LPR territory.

Armed Forces of the people’s republics strengthen positions at Debaltsevo: Sajanovka, Veselogorovka, Troickoe and Krasnoe.

According to unconfirmed reports, 6 Ukrainian militants have been killed and 17 have been injured on account of clashes at the Volnovakha sector. DPR and LPR armed forces have lost 6 warriors killed and 20 injured.

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