27000 Children Face Threat Of Extremism In SDF-Run Al-Hol Camp

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27000 Children Face Threat Of Extremism In SDF-Run Al-Hol Camp


Submitted by Khaled Iskef

The UN has warned of the poor conditions that a large number of children suffers in the Al-Hol camp in the countryside of Al-Hasakah.

People inside the camp experience harsh living conditions, the lack of key services and a poor security situation, which the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), which are in charge for the camp, fail to improve.

The director of the UN office of counter-terrorism Vladimir Vornkov urged the countries of the world to resettle the thousands of children stranded in the camp. These are about 27000 children. Vornkov stressed that the horrific conditions that these children suffer are among the most pressing issues.

Most of these children are those of ISIS militants and ISIS-linked persons. They are still stranded and left to their fate in the camp, where they face the danger of militancy and radicalization, in addition to the risk of being attacked.

Voronkov pointed out that thousands of children stranded in camps in northeastern Syria are from 60 countries, which must bear the responsibility for their fate, calling for exerting every effort to ensure the return of these children to their countries of origin.

Syria has demonstrated its readiness to cooperate in the process of returning children from the camps to their countries of origin. However, most of these countries, especially Western sates, didn’t respond. Apart from Russia and Kazakhstan, no other country has taken action to secure such children. At the same time, some parties deliberately keep these children in the camps to use their case as a pressure card against the Syrian state.


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