50 Syrian Air Force Cadets Completed Training With Russian Instructors (Videos)

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50 Syrian Air Force Cadets Completed Training With Russian Instructors (Videos)

Screen grab from the Russian MoD video.

On July 1, 50 cadets of Syria’s Kuweires Military Aviation Institute, which reopened in 2018 after remaining closed for years due to the war, completed training with help from Russian instructors.

The Ministry of Defense of Russia and TV Zvezda shared footage of Syria’s new pilots flying on L-39 Albatros high-performance fighter jet trainers. The Syrian Arab Air Force (SyAAF) has been using this type of warplanes in close air support and ground attack missions since 2012.

Russia’s support has been critical for the survival of the SyAAF, which has very limited resources. The Russian MoD has been working to revive the capabilities of the SyAAF since the beginning of Russian anti-terrorism operations in Syria in 2015.

The SyAAF received loads of spear parts and ammunition for its warplanes from Russia, which also supplied Syria with some Mi-24P attack helicopters in 2016.

Over the last two years, Russia stepped up its support for the SyAAF. In 2020, Syria received a new batch of Mig-29 fighter jets from Russia. In 2021, several Ka-226T military helicopters were supplied. The SyAAF also begin overhauling its aging Su-22M4 fighter bombers with parts provided by Russia.

Russia has been providing similar support to the other branches of the Syrian Arab Army as well as to security forces and local pro-government groups.


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The MiG-29s were no doubt welcomed by the SyAAF. Hopefully their will be a day soon enough when the Syrian government is ordering MiG-35s.

Jim Allen

Yes, that’s the second batch of upgraded
MiG-29 delivered to Syria. These are the SMT upgrade the most extensive of the upgrades in that internal fuel capacity is increased. A labor intensive project MiG-29 is small, and light, internal space is virtually non-existent.
This is a 4++ gen fighter. IDF, US military, Turkey, and the Headcutters have only 4+ gen fighters
F-22 was sent back to the States, F-35 as well.
They can’t cope with maintenance, in combat conditions, the stealth coating falls off, and corrosion is showing. This in addition to all the 800+ problems that have plagued these two planes from the first. IAF is the only air force flying F-35, but like all other militaries it to relies on F-16, FA-18, and recently upgraded F-15 fighters. F-16 has issues, the best Western military has is F-15. MiG-29 is equal.
Syria’s still flying a fair number of MiG-21, could be awhile before any Su-35 show up in inventory. Then they’ll likely be Su-57.
I knew about Russia training Syrian pilot’s to handle the MiG-29SMT fighters, Syria has 24 of these, and a mix of all kind of other aircraft.
These 50 graduates will undoubtedly head to advanced schooling, and flying the MiG’s to become familiar, and confident with the machine. Russians will show ’em…

Lone Ranger

Hasbarats will cry and rage 🤗


Build a modern well trained airforce,thats the way to confront those Zionist gangsters if they violate Syria.

Icarus Tanović

Right now, try those out in Idlib.


The good news: The Jews’ taking of their “Greater Israel” suffers another setback. The bad news: The Jews to call up more of our non-Jew children to kill or be killed in the service of the Jews.


Education is of course the key. The youth in the west must learn to avoid being of service to the degenerates who benefit from war.

They can start by eliminating western corporate media and social media from their lives including microsoft OS. Check out distrowatch.

Raptar Driver

These young men are true noble warriors!
Godspeed to you!

Lance Ripplinger

I’m sure many in the West will look at those L-39’s and snort in derision. The Syrians work with whatever they have. The fact the SAA keeps fighting with such old Soviet equipment is a miracle. Either way, the SAA will restore safety and security to all of Syria. It is just a matter of time.