5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters Storming ISIS-held Town Of Uqayribat In Eastern Hama

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5th Assault Corps' ISIS Hunters Storming ISIS-held Town Of Uqayribat In Eastern Hama

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The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) 5th Assault Corps’ ISIS Hunters are storming the ISIS-held town of Uqayribat in the eastern Hama countryside.

According to the ISIS Hunters media wing, government forces have already entered the town and captured few buildings.

Yesterday, the 5th Assault Corps started  pre-emptive shelling of the town preparing a push to re-take it from ISIS.

Uqayribat is a key ISIS strong point in the ISIS-held area in eastern Hama. If it falls into the hands of government forces, the ISIS defense will collapse across the entire pocket.

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Michael Qiao

Remember when ISIS almost accumulated nukes or dirty bombs?

Toni Liu

Hahaha no one will remember that anymore cause they will be forgotten as rotting turd that already flushed down the toilet


In the Syrian war every single fighter that fight for Syrian government have shown their talent, bravery and discipline.
Syrian government should have to take every single fighter as regular Syrian army.

At the end of this Syrian war Syria will have a so strong Syrian arab army which will be ready for any future aggression led by America and Israel.

Carol Binkley

And that includes any militant opposition to Assad.


These militants are traitors. They have done fraud with the Syrian nation and land. They are proxies of America and Israel.

Gary Sellars

No, the “opposition” will get NOTHING but an unmarked and forgotten shallow grave..

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The 5th Assault corps many forget these guys are originally a volunteer force , good on them for exhibiting what true sons of any nation should be as they have turned out to be an extremely effective fighting force.

Tudor Miron

I’m proud that my compatriots are training this guys and took the major role in the building of this unit but real credit goes to Syrians that fight for their Motherland.