94 People Became Victims of Ukrainian Shelling During last 24 Hours

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At least 90 citizens of Donetsk were wounded and 4 were killed as a result of shelling by Ukrainian forces during last 24 hours.

Donetsk health officials report as many as 90 wounded as a result of today’s shelling. According to Chief Doctor at Petrovsky District hospital Igor Rutchenko “The wounded have been arriving [from Petrovsky] since morning. The total number of wounded is nearing 90.” The mayor of Donetsk reports at least 4 civilians have been killed, mostly in the south west of the city.

Earlier Director of the Republican Traumatological Center of Donetsk Aleksandr Oprishchenko has reported that about 60 people are injureed during the shelling:

“About 60 persons were hospitalized with injuries, and these are only those brought to our Center”, he told the correspondent of the Donetsk News Agency.

Five people are in the extremely severe condition, several people lost their limbs. According to Aleksandr Oprishchenko, the hospital has everything necessary for the provision of the first aid.

Ukrainian shelling at the Donetsk Airport and district Petrovskiy is in the video below:

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