7-Hour Firefight In Moscow Suburbs (Videos)

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7-Hour Firefight In Moscow Suburbs (Videos)

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On March 30th, an armed man took a hostage inside his house in the Moscow suburbs and opened fire at security officers when they were trying to catch him on Tuesday.

According to the reports, a 61-year-old former businessman Vladimir Bardanov was suspected of possessing illegal weapons. When the security forces came to inspect the house, he opened fire. The man fought on his own with the special forces for 7 hours.

When the police entered the house and showed the documents to Bordanov’s wife, he immediately opened fire. According to local source, the shooter blew up the stairs to the second floor in his house so that the security forces would not get to him. He used various firearms and fired about 20 grenades.

The servicemen of various special forces of the Russian Rapid Deployment Police Task Force and Moscow police force Special Purpose Police Unit (former OMON ) were deployed. 7-hours battle against one man was conducted by the police Specialized Designation forces up to a company in total.

By an interesting coincidence, despite the Vladimir’s fierce defense, none of the law enforcement officers were killed. Probably the shooter deliberately did not seek to kill, and his actions were motivated by hopelessness and the fact that he decided not to surrender alive. Only one officer of the special forces was wounded in his leg during the assault on the building.

Thus, as the shooter did not seek to kill, but by his actions indicated his ultimate commitment to defense, the Russian special police forces tried to convince him to surrender to the last. His son was invited for negotiations, but the attempt was unsuccessful.

After the police failed assault attempts, they fired several shots from a grenade launcher at the house. After that he was proposed to surrender being in burning house, he refused. Later the shooter’s body was found dead.

The shooter’s house was like a small castle with its own zoo.

A tragedy that broke out in Moscow once again revealed the current problems of Russian society. This phenomenon used to be typical for the turbulent period of the post-Soviet 90s in Russia, when there was a widespread of illegal firearms and a low psychological barrier to its use. However, this incident is of a different nature than gangfights or regular shootings in US supermarkets or streets. Vladimir’s action is similar to behavior of the Dostoevsky’s characters, that is a mixture of rage and hopelessness, together with a peculiar unwillingness to irrevocably cross his own moral red lines.


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