7 Year Anniversary Commemoration Of Odessa Massacre Met With Nazi Demonstration

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7 Year Anniversary Commemoration Of Odessa Massacre Met With Nazi Demonstration

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On May 2nd, nationalists and veterans from the Volunteer battalions carried out a march in Odessa.

About 400 people took part in it.

Ukrainian outlet Strana reported that hundreds of people gathered at the Cathedral Square. They brought with them the flags of Ukraine and the “Right Sector”. Some of them were dressed in camo.

Members of radical nationalist organizations rallied with the flags of football ultras, the flag of Odessa and more.

Their procession was headed by a black truck, which played nationalist tunes from loudspeakers. The vehicle was decorated with a flag that had a ‘Wolfsangel’ on it – a historic heraldic symbol, which had also been used by the Nazis as an insignia for several SS divisions. During the conflict in eastern Ukraine, it appeared on the banners of the Azov volunteer battalion, which fought on the side of Kiev authorities.

It happened on the day of commemoration of the seventh anniversary of the massacres on the Kulikovo field, enhanced security measures are in place, and the security forces have even been pulled into the city from the Kiev region.

Since 2015, on May 2, the tragic events of 2014 have been remembered in Odessa. Seven years ago, clashes in the city center and a fire in the House of Trade Unions killed 48 people. Odessans are going to the House of Trade Unions to honor the memory of the victims today.

On May 2, 2014 in Odessa there were clashes between the supporters of the Maidan and its opponents. The culmination was a fire in the House of Trade Unions, where dozens of “Kulikovites” – Odessa opponents of the Maidan, were burned to death. The death of 48 people was confirmed, and several hundred more were injured.

The nationalists were allowed to rally and demonstrate to their hearts content and there was no issue.

Those wishing to commemorate the deaths that took place on May 2nd, had to deal with police barricades, inspections and disinfection.

The Kiev authorities explained the obstacles they created by anti-epidemic requirements, although a march of radicals and nationalists is taking place in the city, marching without police cordons, masks and keeping a distance.

In Odessa, those wishing to honor the memory of those who died on May 2, 2014 were given the most humiliating entry procedure. They are allowed to enter the Kulikovo field after checking with a metal detector and inspecting personal belongings, the channel writes.

One of the women began to resent the check, after which she was supported by one of the men. The police forced him to turn out his pockets and show their contents. Also, access to the field is regularly closed for sanitation.

“Note that there are no such security measures at the march of nationalists in Odessa. No one is watching either the explosives or the quarantine,” the Politika Stranyi telegram channel said.


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