70 ISIS Withdrew From Tabqah Town And Tabqah Dam Under Deal With US-backed Forces

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70 ISIS Withdrew From Tabqah Town And Tabqah Dam Under Deal With US-backed Forces

SDF members

Some 70 ISIS members have withdrawn from the town of Tabqah and the Tabqah Dam under a deal with the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), the Pentagon confirmed in a statement at the website of its International Coalition for Operation Inherent Resolve on May 11.

“In Tabqah, the SDF’s increased pressure on ISIS from each flank allowed it to accelerate the pace of the fight, clear the final neighborhoods of the city, and isolate Tabqah Dam.  Approximately 70 ISIS fighters conceded to the SDF’s terms, which included the dismantling of IEDs surrounding the dam, the surrender of all ISIS heavy weapons, and the forced withdrawal of all remaining fighters from Tabqah City.

The SDF accepted ISIS’s surrender of the city to protect innocent civilians and to protect the Tabqah dam infrastructure which hundreds of thousands of Syrians rely on for water, agriculture, and electricity,” the statement reads.

Thus, the US-led coalition officially confirmed rumors that had been circulating about a possible open corridor for the ISIS terrorists operating in the town of Tabqah and the nearby Tabqah dam.

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Jonathan Cohen

They were let go in exchange for not blowing up the dam; I guess I can see the point.


The point is that the US-Israel-Saudi Arabia have created and supported ISIS (ISIL, IS) from the beginning as a more radical terrorist organization than their failing less radical Al Qaeda insurgents. The is that the whole world knows this including neocons and Ziocons except for Americans with their heads buried in the sand.

gfsdyughjgd .

U.S.A. ISIS redeployment has started again.

Dustil schmit

ISIS has already arrested the ones who fled tabqa they are big on that kind of thing.


Letting 70 faschists go to save lifes and the dam, so what? I´m sure SDF will get them another time. But you and Fred and Ronald and others tighten the hold of your aluminium hats and make a big issue out of it, LOL.