8 Migrants Jailed for Gang-Rape of German Tourist in Austria

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Eight Iraqi migrants have been jailed for a collective rape of a German tourist in Vienna.

8 Migrants Jailed for Gang-Rape of German Tourist in Austria

Photo: AP video

An Austrian court found eight immigrants from Iraq guilty of a collective rape of a tourist from Germany during the New Year’s celebration in Vienna.

The men were sentenced to prison terms of between nine and 13 years for “abuse of a defenseless person and rape in a very humiliating and agonizing way for the victim” that took place on the night of January 1, 2016. The ninth suspect also appeared before the court, but he was exonerated from blame, as investigators found that he was asleep during the assault.

The convicted men, between 22 and 48 years old, were arrested last summer in Vienna and two other Austrian provinces. All of them came to Austria as asylum seekers from May to December 2015. Five of them had gotten refugee status at the time of the assault, while the other four had their applications pending.

Their victim was 28-year-old woman. She got a compensation of €25,000 ($26,265). According to prosecutors, the woman still suffers from a post-traumatic shock.

The woman was celebrating New Year in the center of Vienna with her female friend, where she came from the northern German state of Lower Saxony. The woman got “separated” from her friend during the festivities. Reportedly, about 2 am, four drunk Iraqis brought her to an apartment in Vienna. Other five people were waiting for them there. All together they raped the woman by turn.

As prosecutors noted, the woman was very drunk and could not defend herself. When she was able to regain control of herself, she discovered that she was lying naked on the bed. The savage attack left the woman in need of medical and psychological treatment. “Nothing makes me happy anymore,” her lawyer quoted her words.

According to reports, only one of the perpetrators admitted the rape and showed some remorse, while others claimed that the sex had been “consensual” or have denied it altogether. The advocateship also tried to prove that the woman sent ‘erroneous signals’ to the accused men. According to prosecutors, this is not possible, as she was in an unconscious state. In addition, the investigating team managed to prove the assault with DNA and video evidence.

The both sides are going to submit an appeal against the court’s decision.

Migrants from other countries expressed their fear that such cases might incite hostility against them to a whole new level and condemned the attack. “Eight people raping a woman – that’s honor-less! Such a thing doesn’t exist in our religion,” a migrant from Turkey, Burhan Akbas, told the AP news agency.

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Gotta love the comment of the Turkish migrant in the end, the famous No True Scotsman fallacy, and also a blatant lie.


Wake up Europe. Parents: teach your daughters common sense when they have none.

king Kong

Hey dog… How about you blame the men, not the women… Idiot… Or are you a Muslim covering for your maggot fellow Islamic dogs..???


Do you think it is wise for a woman to go to an apartment by herself with strangers? No, if you have a brain. The men are to blame, of course, but these women behave like they are at Disneyland. I am a man and travelled in first, second and third world environments. You must have two eyes in front and two eyes in back. Unfortunately, the European world has changed and they must be aware of their surroundings and behavior. Unfortunate! No, I am not Muslim, but Orthodox Christian so fuck off and have a nice day.

Brother Ma

Article says she was very drunk. She could go nowhere. They dragged her there and she could not say no .

Brother Ma

Typical stereotypical Muslim antipathy to western christian women and our soceity. Yes ,i know there are exceptions in moslem people and countries!

How about that braindead or lying Turk! Turks and kossovar albanians are the biggest raping shits in eu till headchoppers arrived a few years ago. Yuck!!

Armandas Stasiunaitis

Lol tell me about common sense when there’s 4 men surrounding you, you expect her to be a jedi or a ninja an instantly dissapear? Apparently you’re confusing common sense with super powers, does mean shit how many eyes or brains you have.


Dumb fuck. You must be related to your brother above. Do not put yourself in a situation where you will regret later. There is a time to fight and time to flee. A European woman should be cautious with Muslim strangers. Duh. She was in La La Land. Too much Facebook and not paying attention what is happening around you.

Armandas Stasiunaitis

or maybe they’re a person and not a plainly lying smartass, I mean, don’t die, after all it’s obviously possible to see every situation before it happens dude try to live in the real world for a minute and actually talk and look with people and you will see you’re plain retarded.

Nigel Maund

If they were in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and they were Europeans or Americans who had raped a Saudi woman they would be beheaded or publically flogged. They’re lucky they’re in the easy peasy Austria and not somewhere like the Philippines where they would never have lived to get to court as the people would have taken their own revenge. Western women are going to have to be very careful in they way they dress and act near these people as they very dangerous; as proven in Malmo, Cologne, Vienna and the list goes on and on. The good ol’ times of dressing and behaving in a wild and unrestrained way are over for Western women. and as one viewer has correctly pointed out – common sense has to prevail.

Atsedopodep Tserra

Aye it would seem running around at night half naked and in drunken stupor is no longer safe, who would have thought? But by all means im sure this got nothing to do mass immigration or the religion of peace, right? Tip: research haegelian dialective

John Whitehot

where did u read she was half naked? because it’s not in the text, and also one can surmise that being new years eve night it’s likely that she was quite dressed up.

Ahmed K Hurmizyar

common just execute them