80 Million Kremlin Agents In United States

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It took less than two weeks for the FBI, and other American intelligence agencies, to come to the usual (and expected) conclusion that Russia was somehow involved in the storming of the Capitol building in Washington on January 6th.

Compared to previous developments, it took relatively long for the MSM and various “anonymous” and named officials to point the finger at Russia. Usually, the timeline is much shorter.

The initial discovery that supposedly points to Russia is that an individual in France carried out the biggest ever bitcoin payment in history, transferring $500,000 of the virtual currency to several “protest leaders” in the United States.

One of those that received payments is Nick Fuentes, and there is no evidence at all that he was present inside Capitol building, and he vehemently denies that he was. He was present in the demonstration in front, before the chaos. Other entities and individuals that received payments are the anti-immigration organization VDARE, alt-right streamer Ethan Ralph, and other several addresses who are unknown, but will likely be tied to “known far-right individuals or organizations”.

One should also be wise to remember how color revolutions take place in other countries, and that in many of them the touch of Washington is often found. Still, the FBI concluded that Russia (and China and Iran) allegedly used the chance to further their agendas, by pushing for political interests amidst the Presidential transition chaos in the United States.

As such, the Russian threat is as real as it usually gets in the United States, and that means not very. The situation is such, that the Russian threat is used as a justification that was produced following weeks of preparation for the war-like scenario that Washington will resemble on January 20th.

The justification, this time, was provided post-factum. They are accompanied by detentions that do strongly resemble a witch hunt, but that’s something only the Republicans can do. It is understandable, as if the Russia narrative holds any water, that means “Evil Overlord Vladimir Putin” has about 80 million Kremlin agents in the United States, since they voted for the outgoing US President Donald Trump. There is much to worry about.

On the side of the Democrats, they wish to avoid any sort of escalation when they’re stepping into power, and as such have deployed approximately 25,000 National Guard troops to Washington. In comparison, Trump’s inauguration saw 8,000 Guardsmen deployed, even though his victory was “guaranteed by the Russians.”

The Republicans, however, much more to worry about, since the witch hunt is just gaining traction, but it is accompanied by an end of the adhering to democratic principles.

The neo-liberal agenda appears to be in full bloom and the democratic victory in a legitimate presidential election strongly resembles a demonstration of the triumph of the elite. And it is an elite class that seems to have distanced itself quite far from society. The good news for the neo-liberal supporters is that the RussiaGate 2.0 scandal is just beginning, and it would provide ample opportunity for censorship.

No doubts, soon, Moscow will once again take its “rightful position” as enemy Number 1 of the Western World, and the necessary sanctions and destabilization attempts are all but guaranteed. On the internal playing field of the United States, any conservative voice, or even what the neo-liberals consider “far left” will now be silenced, and dubbed a Putin agent, as the new administration must reign supreme.

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That’s again and again the proof that the AmeriCunts shithole is rightfully called DumbFuckistan.


only a week until america will go totally crazy against russia and cause troubles all over the place

Jens Holm

Very optimistic


The loonies have taken over the American asylum.comment image

Jens Holm

No, they havnt. During times we have seen on and off buttons used again and again for many reasons as well as something between them.

For my own country its a matter of needing immigrants and if the incommers can or will integrate.

Its also very much about political asylum as well as we dont send back people to death penalty.

By that we also prefare

This year Denmark will spend about 3 billion dollars for incommers here having no intensions or no ability for even integration. Integration for them and us is taken money from us, which make them by education, hard work an in systems, whcih are not as where they comes from.

Why is it Our problem,l they dont change their own systems and at least copy the good parts of Ours. If they dont want that, its easy to copy systems, which at least is much netter then their own.

Tommy Jensen

What if it is really true? That Putin organised all the trouble we have today. That we have indiscrete proof of Trump’s golden shower in Moscow blackmailing Trump into controlling all Americans.
Organised the Capitol riots, poured gasoline all over ME. Ruined our democracy. Pushing millions of Americans into soup kitchens. What if it is all true truth??
I know what I would be doing if I had reliable Intelligence info about someone hiding under my home bed or someone who were producing hypersonic secret WMD’s under the carpet to take out all electricity out on our own soil. But I am not Congress.


just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean it ain’t so or a russian, no many russians under the bed planning whatever to fuck up congress steady work.

Jens Holm

Russains are there too. I dont think they are that big, but we see examples, which – if true – I dont like at all. Thats not to accept.

Its the same for others being in my contry no matter who they are CIA included. We have Turks here in jail. Erdogan thik Turkey has jurisdiction here and even make hard threats to old Turks, whcih has been here since the 1970 ties and use it against their relatives in Turkey.

We are inly kind of happy he closed Turkish – Gülen – schools. By that the Turkish children and parents will become more danish faster. So tank You for that Erdo.

cechas vodobenikov

Jenny racist—wants turks to assimilate to ugly backward dane culture….jeeny can’t comprehend satire like small child

cechas vodobenikov

good satire

AM Hants

And Hilary Clinton was Snow White and lived happily in the woods with those 7 Dwarves, $oro$, Pelosi, Schiff, Obama, Biden, Nuland and Bill. Living in hope that the Big Bad Bear Vlad, would be turning up at the door, with some Uranium Deal.


Satellogic signs multi-launch contract with SpaceX as NASA tests the most powerful rocket engine ever built.


Arch Bungle

I really wish the Russians would allow Syria to respond to israeli strikes and stop “defending israel’s interests” in Syria.

The Russians need to wipe out the jewish 5th column in the State or else they will soon be manipulated into serving israeli interests in Syria.

Syria itself needs to wean itself off Russian dependence. It would only take one night for the Russians to turn against Assad and then the entire Syria would be another West Bank/Gaza Strip.


I don’t think that Russia actively opposes Syria right on self defense under any circumstances.
But what makes you so sure that Iranian bases are not target above all?
I don’t think “dispute” is about Assad at all. I think that all that is because of big differences between Iran and Russia.
Russia (China) need peace-stability in Syria (starting to rebuild the country) while Iran needs Syria as forward base against IsraHell (in the case they are attacked)
( which doesn’t help peace and stability of Syria at all).
Iran keeps bringing missiles( even if he wants (which he doesn’t want)Assad is powerless) and by doing that they lose Russian support.
Russia will not assist Iran in their plans, so they keep ignoring IsraHell’s attacks (considering that to be Iran’s and Assad’s problem).
“The tail will not wag the dog!” = Iran will not push Russia into the situations which Russia doesn’t want to serve Iranian interests.
Influence of Jewish factor in Russia is blown out of the proportions.

Arch Bungle

This is what concerns me:

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov spoke out against Israeli

airstrikes against Iran-linked sites in Syria on Monday, saying

Jerusalem should instead provide Moscow with intelligence about such

threats so that it can “neutralize” them.




“So, our dear Israeli colleagues, if you have facts that your state is
facing threats from the Syrian territory, report the facts urgently and
we will take every measure to neutralize the threat,” Lavrov said.

If Lavrov is speaking clearly, this means Russia is prepared to take military action against Iran in Syria against any perceived threat to israel.


OK the basic decency oblige you to provide name of the source from the start.
1st. send me the link PLEASE so that we can talk, I want to know who wrote that article.
b.t.w. If you believe that Russia is into the punitive actions against Iran (to protect IsraHell) than you are either troll or completely mad person or somebody who doesn’t have clue about Russia at all.
as far as I know Iran is still considered an allay in Syria and Israel is not!
maybe there was some mediation of Russia for 2 sides (Iran-IsraHell)
So Russia have made intern agreement with Iran that they will stop piling up missiles and IsraHell will stop bombing them…
So now Russia will react and verify if they respect agreement (on complaint from – IsraHell )

Link first please, than we can talk.


If I knew that “The Times of Israel” is your source, I wouldn’t even bother to comment.
So think whatever you prefer and keep reading “The Times of Israel”.

Arch Bungle

I deliberately chose a jew rag to test your bias.

Here, have a sputnik:


Maybe a pro Russian site is more to your liking?


your Jew site certainly isn’t
“measure to neutralise the threat,” doesn’t mean they will use military intervention you simpleton.
That surely means one thing:
that Iran doesn’t have right to use Syria for their private war and not because Russia say so but because Syria say so.
Only Sryia has right to start wars in Syria.
So if Iran is having their missiles close to Israel I suppose they will have to remove them.
That is all.


Lavrov does not comment explicitly on air strikes on Iranian targets; he responds in the general context of Syria and Lebanon to a question from SaNa regarding Israeli aggression against Syria.

I think it should also be clear that when a diplomat speaks of “neutralizing,” he does not mean in a military way.


Arch Bungle

I think it should also be clear that when a diplomat speaks of “neutralizing,” he does not mean in a military way.

The problem is that both senses of the word “neutralising” mean trouble for Iran and Syria.

It is not clear to me that “neutralising” does not imply potential military action in the current context.

If it is not military, then it might mean “diplomatic action”

But even diplomatic action implies requesting Iran to reduce their activities in Syria.

However, israel is the primary threat to Syria – not ISIS. israel was bombing Syria long before ISIS made their appearance, and ISIS appeared suspiciously near the time that israeli action against Syria was ramping up.

Iran provided on the ground fighters that Russia could not provide – if not for them, Russian soldiers would be coming back in body bags. Instead Iranians are choosing to go in their stead.

Therefore any action by Russia to reduce Iranian activity in Syria for israel’s sake is not in the interests of Syria.

Russia is playing both sides. Trying to Balance it’s interests and israel’s on one side, with Syria being less important on the other.

Do you remember the shootdown of the the Russian cargo plane engineered by israel? Putin did nothing.

Any leader with his head in the right place would have bombed Tel Aviv to shreds as a warning “never to try that shit again”.

jabirujoe .

Actually it’s 80 million and one. Sorry I wasn’t feeling well and couldn’t register.

Jens Holm

FBI takes no chances.

AM Hants

How many of those rioters, who were arrested and then released, were members of Anti-fa and BLM? How many of those arrested, did no more than take some selfies, when inside the Capital Building? How many of those rioters were held up at the Trump speech, which was late to get started and overran by over an hour. So how come the devoted Trump supporters managed to leave his speech, after he left the stage (they would not wait for him to appear on stage, for over an hour in the rain, in order to leave his speech early, now would they?), sorry, managed to leave his speech at 1300 hours and make it to the Capitol Building for 1200 hours mid-day, when the state police were opening the barricades and letting them into the building? Why did Pelosi, who would have ultimate authority over the Capitol Building, deny assistance, when told they might be problems? Gosh, so many questions, but, what was the cause of death for those that lost their lives that day? One unarmed lady was shot, by a member of staff, and the rest, did they not die of natural causes? Compare that with the death count of the Portland and Dem City rioters, that were classed as ‘peaceful protesters’?

In the meantime, any news on the declassified ‘Russia Gate’ papers, that have just been released?

RT has published an article covering some of the findings, but, does anyone know where you can find the official papers?

FBI Operation Crossfire Hurricane.


Zulubal Andre

no worries, it is only a rough estimate…

cechas vodobenikov

the American dictatorship is populated by at least 160 million that believe they live in a civilized democratic republic. simpleminded, mean bitter : expected in a disintegrating empire