99 Problems Of Israeli Forces And Straits Is One

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99 Problems Of Israeli Forces And Straits Is One

Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni

A series of rape cases have recently taken place in the Israeli Defence Forces (IDF).

Israeli Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni was dismissed of his duties in the Israeli Defence Forces, following his arrest on suspicion of committing sexual offenses and invasion of privacy two weeks ago.

Sharoni allegedly filmed female soldiers using hidden cameras on several Israeli bases where he served. Moreover, female civilians were also allegedly among his victims. At least 15 women are complainants against him.

As soon as criminal proceedings were launched, the head of the IDF Technology and Logistics Division, Major General Michel Yanko, has signed a dismissal of Sharoni from his position of a commander of a military driving school on the Bahad 6 base.

Another IDF soldier, who serves in the Iron Dome air defense units, was arrested for raping a female soldier at a military base about two week ago. The soldier is suspected of committing rape, indecent acts and other acts of violence, the IDF said. His name was not officially revealed, likely because the investigation is still under way and his guilt is yet to be proven, but the soldier was detained.

The Israeli military officials commented on the issue, claiming that the IDF takes all sexual harassment very seriously and will continue to pursue a policy of zero patience towards perpetrators. However, it seems that all their attempts to fight the sexual harassment in military ranks have no results, as the IDF has a very high level sexual assault and rape cases in thr mixed male-female units.

According to an internal IDF survey, it was found that 1 of 6 female soldiers declared that she had been sexually harassed during her service; while 6% said that they had been harassed two or three times and another 3% responded that they had been harassed four times or more.

99 Problems Of Israeli Forces And Straits Is One

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About a month ago, hackers believed to be linked to Iran breached an Israeli LGBT dating site and released some personal information online.

A geo-located dating service Atraf is popular in the Israeli LGBT community, especially in the Tel Aviv area. Following the attack, personal data, like names and locations, of thousands of Atraf users, including the high-ranking Israeli military and government officials were posted online.

Tacking into account the recent leak that revealed the large number of Israeli gays and such a high level of sexual harassment cases, not only female IDF soldiers are in rape danger today, but male officers should also be alert.


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That’s what happens when you drop a rapist charges, they come to Israel and do shit like this. This one of many reasons why Israel and its army will collapse soon

Joe Biden

Your husband Iron Zion is already there.


IDF is made up of hundreds of thousands of people. There will always be bad actors who deserve jail. IDF investigates and prosecutes. There are Israeli movies of which this is the subject. The rapists lose their pensions, go to jail and are dismissed, losing rank as well.
The armies of every nation on earth has this. The Red Army was known as the Rape Army in Germany post WW2. The Allies did the same in many places in Europe, to say nothing of US forces in Asian wars and USSR in Eastern Europe.

jens holm

I agree. They are we makes things visible and try to do things about it.

Michel LeBlanc

IDF are still criminals for what they do to the palestinians every day.

Whitewash that all you want, Barry.


The crimes of the “settlers” are difficult to read about. Theft, violence and pure vindictiveness are the perfect formula for injustice. Dumping sewage on Palestinian villages and cutting down love trees are examples of the vileness of the Israeli government and its agents. It does nothing.

Ari Aaorn

all zionists are child molesters, mass robbers, concentration camp operators and millionaire criminals against humanity. it’s time for these cannibals to tear themselves apart


This level of depravity is not a sign of a healthy nation. The rampant homosexuality is also an indicator of a society in its last stages. There is already open discussion in Israel over where they will go when Israel collapses. It is only a matter of time before this geo-political abomination is scattered to the desert winds. Honest Israelis and Jews around the world know in their hearts it is not sustainable.


Just a day in the life of the IDF….shoot a few children or old women, rape a colleague or two and claim you’re the most moral army in the world.