A Saudi-Israeli Love Story Spanning Millennia



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The unofficial relationship between Israel and Saudi Arabia has come to light in a rather peculiar manner.

Six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) members decided to express their support for Jewish communities in what they refer to as the “Arab Gulf.” They aim to embrace the proliferation of Jewishness throughout the Gulf region.

Iran, of course, wasn’t invited to the party, since this is simply yet another anti-Tehran formation.

Of course, Saudi Arabia has taken the leading role in this endeavor. The Kingdom wants to support one of its behind-the-scenes partners.

This is further underlined by one simple “fact” provided by the Israeli outlet Haaretz. It, rather questionably, recalled that Saudi Arabia used to be a Jewish Kingdom.

Back in 2014, a French-Saudi expedition found various writings in southern Saudi Arabia, which turned out to be ancient Christian and Jewish texts.

Researchers were excited about the possibility of finding the missing link between Arabic and earlier alphabets. Haaretz, however, discovered the truth – southern Saudi Arabia, and as such proxy for the entire Arabian Peninsula, was likely Jewish.

This largely refers to Yemen, where there was an actual Jewish Kingdom. The Yemenis would likely disagree, but this could further explain Riyadh’s interest in waging war there.

Saudi Arabia, unlike Israel, has suffered quite a bit from being at continuous war with the Axis of Resistance.

Israel has gone largely undamaged, as it is able to effectively counter incursion attempts by Hezbollah and other pro-Iranian groups. It carries out frequent air raids on Gaza and Syria. It has even sold gas, which had originally been their own, back to the Palestinians.

Saudi Arabia, on the other hand, is waging the above-mentioned war in Yemen. So far, this has led to significant losses – of manpower, military equipment and money.

Most recently, the Houthis have begun pushing for Marib City. It is the last Saudi-led coalition stronghold in the relatively calm central part of Yemen. If it falls under their control, this would further open the way to Southern Saudi Arabia, and enable Houthi attacks there if they so wish.

The Saudi puppet government in Yemen is failing to consolidate its power. It is even challenged by the Southern Transitional Council.

More tangible assistance might be needed in order to turn Yemen into a second, proxy Israel, potentially, or even turning the entire Arab Peninsula into a Jewish Peninsula, and renaming the Persian Gulf to the Jewish Gulf.