About 2,000 Syrian Militants Deployed By Turkey In Libya Fled To Europe: Report

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About 2,000 Syrian Militants Deployed By Turkey In Libya Fled To Europe: Report

‘Europe is there!’

About 2,000 Syrian militants that were deployed by Turkey in Libya during the last five months have fled to Europe, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR).

“Some of the 2,000 Syrian fighters who were transported to Libya to fight with the UN-supported Government of National Accord (GNA) against its competitor Khalifa Haftar have in fact fled to Europe, according to the Libyan National Army (LNA),” the SOHR claimed.

Turkey deploys Syrian militants in Libya in order to support the GNA’s battle against the Libyan National Army for the country’s capital of Tripoli. However, a large part of the deployed fighters appeared to be poorly trained and having little motivation to sacrifice their lives for Erdogan’s neo-Ottoman dreams.

About 2,000 Syrian Militants Deployed By Turkey In Libya Fled To Europe: Report

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Syrian sources report that Turkish-backed militants are also unsatisfied with Turkey’s behavior towards them. For example, Ankara reportedly promised to grant the families of the dead militants with Turkish citizenship, but does not fulfil this promise.


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John Wallace

That is a surprise . Turkey not actually giving citizenship to the families. Wow , who would have thought. In the words (1914) of Mustafa Kemal Atatürk , you didn’t go to Libya to fight but to die. So hands up those that said many of these idiots would escape to Europe .. Oh.. OK .. most of you .. so no real surprise then.. Headlines 2000 fled too Europe repeated again under the photo and then in the body it becomes SOME of the 2000 sent to Libya. Same sort of bullshit MSM uses. So not 2000 actually did the Beit Bridge 500 , but a few of them ,
Beit Bridge 500 was when white Rhodesian’s packed up and fled the war to escape into South Africa at the border crossing , Beit Bridge over the Limpopo river.

Jens Holm

I am sure the newsbringers are the sober well known kind and anytime are more reliable, then Your try for manipulation.

SOHR mainly is a very reliable source even it sometimes are not.

John Wallace

What attempt at manipulation Jens . Just more horseshit from your deluded mind..

Jens Holm

SOHR is a well known source and I take it as the Internet comments, it as well after have seen its news from the region.

More like a wall of behinds comming from both end of You, where someone learned Yoy it is gold. Its not. It stinks.

John Wallace

I ask a straight question on your claims of my manipulation. Instead you come up with another load of irrelevant nonsensical dribbling , the ramblings of a madman. . You really are fucking useless and totally stupid thinking you are some erudite philosopher. Just a total dipshit waste of time. As useful as a dogs turd.

John Wallace

Thanks for your vote of confidence Jens.


Jens’ grammar is up the shit but he manages to excel in the foul language department. A dead giveaway for a troll working for the israelis?

John Wallace

I think he runs a number of accounts and forgets which personality he is supposed to be and confuses his comments which can be in very good English or totally incomprehensible dribble. Never interested in a proper discussion , only derisive waffle. Where is someone with a horses head when you want one..

Zionism = EVIL

He is just garden variety hasbara cunt along with Iron Zion, Wolh, Freeman, Azreal. Jake 123 etc. They also talk to one another and upvote out of desperation. I caught out Azrael and Jake 123 and those hasbara accounts have disappeared lately.

John Wallace

I have noticed it has been quiet on that front but with not much happening on the war front I don’t spend as much time here so might be the same with those whatever they are ?/. Azriel and others do get rather boring repeating their mindless crap over and over again when so obviously madeup bullshit. I don’t know what they even think they can achieve other than turning the comments septic . Always comments and discussion are so much better with their absence. Perhaps that is part of their aim to drag that down. So much more to achieve in Syria yet and those thinking a few months ago that it would all be over this year were a little premature . Too many outsiders sticking their unwanted fingers in to stir the pot..

Luke Hemmming

Jens says SOHR is a very reliable source??? Now Im convinced he is a paid troll as well as an alcoholic.

Jens Holm

Do I laugh or cry. Im from Europe.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

cry. 2000 rabid moderate cavemen on the loose.


You get angry. Then you demand that your government explain why it spent taxpayer money to fund the destruction of Syria, to train arm and equip terrorists, to trigger a huge refugee crisis, to support death and destruction, to make room for a gas pipeline and, worst of all, to undertake this farce to please the biggest welfare queen in history, Isreael.

Jens Holm

No, I dont. I am not from USA as well as its none of Your bussiness what taxpayers pay tax.

Maybee You also should learn to compare productivity pr inhabitant. Much money in Your world might not be much in USA as well as in my country.

USA 60.000, Turkey 30.000 and Iran 20.000. Denmark is 55.000 dollars pr inhabitant.

As usual only USA is mentioned in this infection. You probatly also only are able to mention the poor ones and the rich mainly named as “jews” in USA, but facts are the middle class there being 275 millions dont exist, because it dont exist in Your feudalisc and unprodutive ineffective and corrupt dictatorships.

Its so tempting for me to conclude fast about You too.

Id any, I do try to make the millions of civilians in Syria as well as the rest of the world visible. Where are they. How can they accept leaderships like that.

And too: Why are most of the refugees in the world muslims and prefare to live sekulars low Christians for muslims… You should wonder that.

Why do people emmigrate TO USA as well as TO Western Europe.

When the figtings started in Syria the unimplyment for men was 50% and vomen hardly works. WAs it because those Syrians was lazy bums. No, they were prepared to take any job and the only available was being a well paid soldier of any kind. Some extra Sharia didnt matter. They got clothe, food, could protect themselves by weapons and even send some money home.

That was making opposition and it was and are exact same thing for most muslim countries. You/They dont create jobs. Its the same for Russia.

You not even create jobs, so You can feed the extra mouths you make by duty, for fun ot both. Here in Denmark its number one to include and invest in people, if there comes less jobs. We make long time things such as roads, bridges, hospitals and long time services for the Tourists. We also educate people and by that update old people to the world of computers, so they at least can push bottoms about it.

By that people dont uprise. They trust. The Goverment takes the top of the unimployment and up to a level, they tell the rest of us is possible.

ME mainly is about making the cake bigger is impossible because of ancient systems supported by ancient culture and religion.

Most farming in Syria is from the old days waterwasting and noe making more and more salty fields. Its will be extra because of Turks taking water from Eufra and Tigris as well as the climate says less rain.

And the methods for growing much more already has been invented by others as well as those people has made less fields grown better by less people – AND – grow more by hektar and better products, which by the non implyed in the farmland can sell it to people needing cheep but good food. Those are many nearby and they can send stuff like that all the way from Europe and USA, so why not from Syria with its cheep laubor??

The same for SDFs and theior socalled oil stealing. The real money in oil are, when the oil has left Syria, where we produce almost anything in plastic from the cheepest buckets to tiny things in computers and medical care.

But I not even see Assads educate a single person for better farming or being producers of plastic buckets. You can buy whole systems for plastic as You wish. The big ones replace the old ones bacuase the sallery for the workers are a lot, but laubor in Syria, Iraq and Iran is very very cheep. And You just replace the old stuff, when the big ones replace theirs again.

I am sure You even can send cheep plastic to the many poor jews. They dont care about who did it. Sudenly their shekels are worth someting too:)




Most refugees are Muslims because that is mostly where the Empire is bombing nations down to rubble. Do you think if the Koreas went at each other, there wouldn’t be millions of Korean refugees flooding other nations?

Syria had one of the best medical system in the ME before the war, and for not being as blessed as Libya in resources, had a decent PPP GDP per capita for the region. $5000 wasn’t much in 2010, but it doubled in 10 years, and had every reason to keep going up, if not for external forces destroying its prospects, as seems to be the case for so much of the world.

John Wallace

You find a deep river and shackle an anvil to your neck and jump in and laugh as long as you can as the river washes away your tears.

Concrete Mike

You should cry, because you supported this Libya mess from day 1.

But you will laugh, because your a brainwashed idiot.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Good news. Since early March, Russian navy alligator class/ropucha landing ships have transferred 150 t72, t90 tanks to the SAA for upcoming operation.https://twitter.com/ynms79797979/status/1257067560895422470

Jens Holm

Its building replacemenets for the Jihadists. Its a kind of cild care protection. Only one white helmet pr tank is allowed.

John Wallace

Stay in your nursery class Jens and leave the big boy stiff to those over 12.

Zionism = EVIL

In reality some of the cunts shaved off their beards right in the beach before boarding dinghies and heading off to Italy and Spain. Out of the 20,000 headchopper cowards sent by the Turkeys to die in Libya, almost 25% are either dead, AWOL or run off to Europe.

Jacob Wohl's Nose

Just saw a video of an entire turk/fsa jihadi platoon cramped inside a building in Libya. They got RPG’d and GP-25’d almost annihilating everyone in the building except for camera man and a couple other jihadis. Finally the LNA overrun the building and eliminate everyone else :)

Luke Hemmming

I wonder how they actually got into Europe past the border protections, customs, etc???


You see, they have these criminally insane well meaning idealists operating coordinated transferservices with people smugglers rescue ships off the Libyan Coast so they can take illegal immigrants poor honest refugees to free money, housing and healthcare at the EU taxpayer’s expense.

It’s not rocket science, everybody knows it but there still way too many people in Europe who would rather ignore the practice and get a dopamine high and pretend they are helping illegal immigrants refugees then do the logical sensible thing and stop the practice. And then there are the SJW diehards who don’t care at all about illegal immigration and want to let Africa in. Because multi-culturalism = diversity = smashing the Western Patriarchy.


Libya – post NATO destruction – is the primary launch pad for illegal maritime migration from south of Mediterranean Sea for anyone who can get there and pay for their human trafficking – a process of course run by organized criminal syndicates. Geographically, Greece and Italy bear the brunt of the EU’s polices (and particularly consequences of Merkel’s rash political behavior in 2015 to unilaterally declare Europe an open destination) and are forced to accept and hold illegal international migrants.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

Fled or 2 stage deployed to Europe?

Fayez Chergui

How come beheaders in Syria are from all over islamic countries and beheaders in Libya are only syrian?