Afghan Army Recaptures Strategic Valley North Of Kabul City


Afghan Army Recaptures Strategic Valley North Of Kabul City


On October 4, the Afghan Army backed by NATO warplanes launched a military operation in Parwan province north of Afghanistan’s capital, Kabul, according to Afghan sources. The Afghan Army recaptured the strategic Fandoqestan valley of Seyagerd district in the province during the operation.

Parwan provincial police chief, Zaman Mamuzai revealed that only two Afghan policemen were injured during the military operation.

“The Taliban fled the area and went to Wardak province. The forces have also seized vehicles and weapons from the insurgents. The forces now have control of the area,” Mamuzai said in a statement.

Also on October 4, US Secretary of Defense James Mattis revealed at Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on the new Afghan war strategy that six corps of the Afghan Army are now attacking the Taliban according to a report of the Associated Press (AP).

“Beginning last month, and for the first time in this long fight, all six Afghan military corps are engaged in offensive operations …We’ve never had all six of them working at the same time,” Mattis said at the hearing according to AP.

While Mattis was praising the new US strategy in Afghanistan in the US Senate, the Taliban news agency Voice of Jihad announced that Taliban fighters captured 6 villages in Maruf district of Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan.

Furthermore, Voice of Jihad reported that Taliban fighters destroyed two “tanks” – likely Humvee vehicles – of the Afghan Army with IEDs and rocket-propelled grenades in Chilgazy district of Faryab province in northern Afghanistan. Even with the new aggressive strategy of the US in Afghanistan, the Taliban is still enjoying a fair share of freedom in northern Afghanistan.


  • hhabana

    Great job Afghan army.

  • Barba_Papa

    I would be surprised if the Taliban just retreats to wait until the Afghan army’s presence weakens again, only to return in force. It’s what they’ve always done. To great success. Since the locals know that the Taliban will return at some point they know that they will be screwed if they are seen cooperating with Kabul.