AGM-86 ALCM Air-Launched Strategic Cruise Missile (Infographics)

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AGM-86 ALCM Air-Launched Strategic Cruise Missile (Infographics)

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The AGM-86 ALCM is a subsonic air-launched cruise missile built by Boeing and operated by the US Air Force. The main launch platform is Boeing B-52H Stratofortress strategic bombers.


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Godfree Roberts

It would be useful to know when these weapons first became operational. Are they antiques? Cutting edge?

Lone Ranger

They were already in an 1983 Bond movie.
Late 70s tech.

Godfree Roberts


Cutting edge stuff!

Their margins get fatter the longer they’re kept in production. Meanwhile Russia and China are decades ahead.


Will be used to bomb Xi’s palace in Beijing :)

Assad must stay

fat chance kid

Lone Ranger

Wishful thinking adolf.


All Xi’s


Yup, this is the cruice missile that slammed into the PentaGoons head quarter, remeber the 9/11 shitshow, and they claimed it was an airliner, an 737 or whatever, but the impack zone is to smal and the residues found after where , somewhat the same they showd us after the plain crash in the open field, witch in both cases where riddicilously faked, but the videos of the PentaGoon attack shows exactly this one.
Stop the video an 0.5 seconds, and I found this one a bit weird, because the one I linked to before should show a bit more, but this one have been cutted down and is showing more of the impackt than what the previous one I linked to but never the less, this one shows the Amg 86. an white one without any other signs, despite the low quality of the images.

So, there are two gate guard boxes standing in this video, and 3 road cones, what I want you to foucs on is in the right side, in this video its right above the right gate box and the first red cone, and the Amgs nose slightly tuches the uper part of the first gate box ( I call it that since I am not native english and I dont bother to look for the real name on this things), and extends into the edge of this video, thats all you see, because this type of old security videos cuts into sequences, and is not always showing an continuing filming.
If you dont stop, you see nothing, this is in other videos where one is closer to the impackt zone but in that video its just in one single frame.

To then drool something about wether this is an 757 or whatever is just bullshit, this is not an or in any way an airlines, its simply to smal and moves to fast this close to the ground.


johnny rotten

These sub-sonic missiles you can take down with the slingshot.