Al-Nusra Militants Storm Idlib Museum, Smash Ancient Statues

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Al-Nusra Militants Storm Idlib Museum, Smash Ancient Statues

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Written by Khaled Iskef.

The militants of Jabhat al-Nusra stormed the Idlib Museum, and destroyed a number of antiquities, statues and mosaic paintings.

Local sources said that the Uzbek jihadists belonging to Al-Nusra had destroyed statues and monuments in the museum, without revealing their motives. Al-Nusra has seized the museum since it imposed its control over Idlib in 2015. No official clarification is issued regarding the incident.

According to the sources, the museum has become vulnerable to systematic thefts and looting since the Al-Nusra took control of the city, as its leaders captured Syrian antiquities and sold them to brokers and smugglers who in turn worked to transfer them to Turkey, which now includes large quantities of stolen antiquities from Syria.

Previous reports indicate that Turkish intelligence was involved in the systematic theft of Syrian antiquities in cooperation with armed factions such as the “Al-Nusra Front” in Idlib, and the pro-Ankara factions in northern Syria.

According to UNESCO thousands of artifacts are transported annually from Syria via Turkey.

The Syrian government is demanding on a regular basis the United Nations and international organizations to hold Turkey accountable for its crimes against Syria, including the looting of antiquities.


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Simon Ndiritu

The UN/UNESCO is faceless dysfunctional club. However Russia is a strong secular ally with a strong economy, millitary and a high seat at the UN table. Now it has a unique responsibility to do something about these despicable acts. If Putin was bothered by destruction of Palmyra, then something might happen.


like the amerikans with no culture, except burgers, their proxies seek to return to barbarism

Simon Ndiritu

These headchoppers have already returned to barbarism and need to be taken back to where they came from. They should not be seen in or near countries with rich, civilized history dating back to antiquity.


Remember this always starts when it is the turn of so-called US democrats.


The ony way to stop these maniacs is to launch an all out attack to liberate Idlib like Aleppo was liberated,forget the so called ceasefire.

Stephan Williams

This smells more like a mossad mission than ISIS. It is pissrael that instructs its adherents to utterly destroy their enemies. Jews have been bragging about doing just that to their enemies for millenniums now.


“Smashed”? More likely stole and sold them to Amerikastani and Gulf collectors and then wrecked the museum to cover up the thefts.

Last edited 3 months ago by Ragheadthefiendlyterrorist

When one serves the Jews, directly or indirectly, the only history and culture of worth to you is that of the Jews you serve. The Jews’ culture is nothing more than that which subverts, defiles, and debases the cultures of others as a means to plunder and destroy said cultures from within, as the parasitic virus the Jews are. While in the service of the Jews, destroying vital cultural artifacts of your, and mankind’s, cultural history is a requirement.

A good snapshot of this is how the Jews ran rampant in destroying from within German society and culture in the immediate years after the Jews’ First Zion War (WW-I).

We saw this last year in America, too: The those in service to the Jew fifth-column, infused with the Jews’ Critical Theory, went about attacking and destroying cultural artifacts of American history–In particular, cultural artifacts from the people’s resistance to the Jews’ instigated “Civil War.”


Uzbek Muslims loot Syrian museum. Must be the Jews!
I understand your Jew hatred. Lots of frustrated people feel that way. Understood.
But at least blame them for something that involves them at least slightly.
Like global warming and the voices in your head.

Lone Ranger

Ziorats are not jews…

Marcelo Rodriguez

Otro motivo más para que las Fuerzas Armadas Sirías y sus aliados completen de una vez por todas la recuperación completa de Idlib y el norte y noroeste de Siria y expulsen a todas las fuerzas extranjeras Turcas y Norteamericanas, con la misma metodología que las Fuerzas populares y de la resistencia lo están llevando a cabo en Irak!!!

Lone Ranger

CIA/Mossad training…


Attack and destroy history – attack and destroy national treasures and national identities – gee, it’s amazing how the politico-cultural agenda of the Sunni Whahabist terrorists can so neatly dovetail with the politico-cultural agenda of the Globalists…

Last edited 3 months ago by VaporTrail