Al-Nusra Terrorist Sent His Kids to Blow Themselves Up in Damascus (Video)

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Videos, showing an al-Nusra terrorist and his wife, sending their little daughters to blow themselves up in Damascus, have been published online.

Al-Nusra Terrorist Sent His Kids to Blow Themselves Up in Damascus (Video)

Photo: / Syria_Protector

On Friday last week, a police station was bombed by a child suicide bomber in Midan neighborhood of Damascus, the Syrian state-run Ikhbariya news channel reported. According to the Reuters news agency, citing an unnamed witness in the area of the blast, a young girl of about nine years of age entered the police station and, after asking to go to the toilet, blew herself up. As it was reported, the bomb on the child might have been detonated remotely by someone else, and the child was just used.

Later, a video, showing consequences of the explosion and the body of the child after the bombing, was published online by the Ruptly video news agency.

A few days later, it became known that the suicide bomber was a 7-years-old girl named Islam, who, along with her 9-years-old sister Fatimah, were sent by their father, a member of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group, and mother to blow themselves up in Damascus. Reportedly, the nickname of the girls’ father is Abou Nimr and he lives in Barzeh neighborhood, located to the north of Damascus, with his wife, the mother of the girls.

While Islam managed to perform her task and blew herself up at the police stations in Midan, Fatimah tried to blow herself up in a building of the Syrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, but guards didn’t allow her to do this, and the girl escaped.

A video, showing Nimr, teaching his daughter how to blow themselves up for the glory of Allah, was published in social networks. One of the commentators translated the speech of the terrorist.

Father: [inaudible nasheed]

Daughter 1: I’m going to do a suicide mission.

F: Where?

D1: Damascus.

F: Damascus? You’re young, you’re 9 years old, why don’t you leave this to the men? The men escaped? They went on the green buses?

D1: Yes.

F: You want to surrender so that you’re raped and killed by the infidels?

D1: No.

F: You want to kill them, no? We’re a glorious religion, not a religion of humiliation, isn’t that so Baba?

D1: Inshallah.

F: Inshallah, [turns to second daughter] Islam my darling, you’re going to carry out Jihad today?

D2: Inshallah.

F: You won’t be scared, right?

D2: [nods] inaudible.

F: You won’t be scared, because you’re going to God, isn’t that right?

D2: [nods] inaudible.

F: Thank God, say Allahu Ackbar!

D1 & D2: Allahu Ackbar!

F.: Thank God [recites scripture and makes dua].

Another published video showed a process of parting the wife of the terrorist, the girls’ mother, with her kids before sending them to the certain death.

Father (cameraman): Im Nimr (Mother of Nimr) saying goodbye to her daughters, Islam, 7 years old, and Fatimah, 8 years old. Im Nimr, peace will be upon you, say something to the muslims.

Mother: Be patient.

F: Why are you sending your daughters? One is 7 and another is 8, they’re young for Jihad.

M: No one is too young for Jihad, because now Jihad is a duty for every muslim. The young, women, men.

F: You’re right, God bless you. May God accept your daughters, may God be pleased with you. Takbir!

Daughters and Mother: Allahu Ackbar!

F: May God be pleased with you, Baba. [Daughters hug mother] Come on, let them go. Go to fight in the name of god, invade for god’s sake.

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