Al-Nusra Terrorist Who Sent His Under-Age Kids on Suicide Mission in Syria Is Dead

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An al-Nusra terrorist, who reportedly used his under-age daughters as suicide bombers in Damascus city, is now said to be dead himself.

Al-Nusra Terrorist Who Sent His Under-Age Kids on Suicide Mission in Syria Is Dead

Photo: / Syria_Protector

A man, who reportedly sent his 7 and 9-years-old daughters to carry out a suicide bomb attack in the Syrian city of Damascus is now said to be dead himself.

Photos, showing a dead man, who is believed to be the member of the Jabhat Fateh al-Sham (previously known as the al-Nusra Front) terrorist group, known as Abou Nimr, have been published online.

Earlier this month, a video, showing the same bearded man, teaching his daughters, Islam and Fatima, how to blow themselves up for the glory of Allah, was published in social networks. Another published video shows a woman, dressed in a burqa, who is believed to be the girls’ mother. The woman hugs the girls in an apparent farewell moment, while the man behind the camera talks of suicide bomb attacks for them.

Less than two weeks ago, a police station was bombed by a child suicide bomber in Midan neighborhood of Damascus. According to the Reuters news agency, citing an unnamed witness in the area of the blast, a young girl of about nine years of age entered the police station and, after asking to go to the toilet, blew herself up. According to Syrian media, the bomb was homemade and was activated with a remote control. There were no other casualties except of a police officer, who was slightly wounded.

While one of the daughters of the terrorist managed to perform her task and blew herself up at the police stations in Midan, her 9-years-old sister tried to blow herself up in a building of the Syrian Ministry of Internal Affairs, but guards didn’t allow her to do this, and the girl escaped.

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Great headline to start the week, but still incredibly tragic that this sub human had access to people, let alone children., G-d rest the one girl’s soul.

Paulo Romero

Hopefully somebody planted a huge bomb in his rectum and blasted him all the way to hell. Such a base creature should not be accorded any burial rights. He should be impaled on a pole in no man’s land as a lesson to the other Western backed degenerate filth in Syria.


If they are blowing themsleves up the syrian army can just relax and watch the show because they do not need to blow them up on the battle field ha ha ha

John Whitehot

can’t say its bad news.


he was a sick disgusting person even by rebel standards, good riddance.