Al-Qaeda’s Cyber Allies Call For Killing Of Western Police Officers

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Al-Qaeda's Cyber Allies Call For Killing Of Western Police Officers

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Al-Qaeda affiliate the al-Malahem Electronic Army (aka al-Malahem Cyber Army) released its new issue of “The Wolves of Manhattan” magazine, that supports terrorism.

It is released in Arabic, French and English, the magazine is described as ‘a guide for lone wolves in the Crusaders’ land.’

The previous issues had tips on how to exploit the COVID-19 measures to get opportunity for attacks and so on.

In the newest issue, among other things, it posted a terrorist advert.

It offers a reward to anybody who kills any police officer in a Western country.

It is only available to the first person who carries out the terror attack, and is only available to “Christians, Jews an Atheists.”

They will also not announce that the prize was delivered, and that the money had been handed over.

This is likely in order to keep the safety and confidentiality, but it is more likely an attempt to deceive individuals into carrying out more such attacks, hoping that they have a chance at a reward.

The individual has to provide evidence in the form of footage. This footage would not be shared, but only used to prove that the operation had been conducted.

The cyber terrorist groups became infamous recently, when an al-Qaeda linked entity and a pro-al-Qaeda online group recently promoted cryptocurrency analysis training courses on Telegram and Rocket.

The prices of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies surge to new all-time highs. While these courses were marketed as informational and not specific to fundraising, they highlight the growing jihadist interest in cryptocurrencies for possible terror financing and fundraising via cryptocurrency trading.

Bitcoin Transfer is an Idlib-based cryptocurrency exchange office that facilitates the transfer of funds to al-Qaeda-affiliated groups in Syria. The province of Idlib is largely controlled by Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS)—which the U.S. designated as a terrorist group—and is home to other al-Qaeda-linked groups.

Recent Chainalysis research indicates that Bitcoin Transfer is part of an al-Qaeda “cryptocurrency-based infrastructure for receiving and laundering donations.” This infrastructure, and specifically Bitcoin Transfer, was part of the terror financing campaign disrupted by the U.S. Justice Department. Bitcoin Transfer also facilitates the legitimate transfer of funds to anyone in Idlib, for a fee, ranging from 1.5% to 12%, depending on the method of transfer.

So cyber terrorist activity, as well as terrorist cryptocurrency trading is, apparently, booming.


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