America’s Cultural Intolerance Shows Itself Once Again

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According to multiple U.S. News sources, including “”

The School-board in San Francisco, California has banned a Native American from wearing a (13 cm.) eagle feather on his graduation cap, (which he had received from his father), during his High school graduation ceremony.

In Native American culture, eagle feathers are used to symbolize a significant event.  However, the San Francisco school-board has deemed a little 13 cm. feather to be a religious symbol, instead of a cultural one and hence it’s ban.

Since when did the cultural traditions of the Native people of North America cross over into religious expression? One can only wonder about the next cultural tradition that will be banned and deemed offensive, forbidden or made illegal in the so called “Land of the free”.

What’s next? Papers Please citizen, while driving down the road? Oh wait, they already have that…

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