An Expected Escalation: The U.S. And PMU Fire Exchanges Continue

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The Biden Administration, like its predecessor, punishes those it suspects of attacks in a very similar way.

On June 27th, US F-15E fighter jets struck several Popular Mobilization Units (PMU) positions along the border between Iraq and Syria.

However, the Pentagon spokesman said that the attacks were carried out by a UAV.

PMU sources reported that four PMU members were killed as a result of the strikes.

The victims were members of the PMU 14th Brigade, who were killed as a result of the bombardment by the US forces on points belonging to the Anbar Operations Command.

The Pentagon said that the targeted facilities were used by several Iranian-backed groups, including Kata’ib Hizballah and Kata’ib Sayyid al-Shuhada.

According to reports from pro-Iranian media, a child was killed and three other civilians were wounded in the attack, in addition to the PMU fighters.

On Syria’s side, local media said that the aerial offensive had targeted the town of al-Bukamal in the eastern province of Deir Ezzor, massive explosions were witnessed and heard.

The air strikes came after Iraqi Kurdish officials said on June 26 that four explosive-laden drones hit locations outside the semi-autonomous region’s capital, Erbil.

The US actions were also in response to numerous IEDs blowing up convoys, as well as missile and drone attacks on US positions.

On the same day, the PMU held a military parade near Baghdad attended by senior officials, including Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi.

This show of force was also negatively viewed by the US.

Response to the US strike didn’t come in Iraq, but rather in Syria.

On June 28, heavy rocket fire hit the base near the Omar oil field in Deir Ezzor, where the US Armed Forces are deployed.

Pro-Iranian militants of the Liwa Abu al-Fadhal Al-Abbas group fired at least eight rockets towards the US Armed Forces located at the Omar oil field.

According to the PMU sources, missiles successfully targeted the headquarters of the US-led international coalition.

The attack was confirmed, but no casualties were reported.

In response, the artillery of US Armed Forces struck buildings used by pro-Iranian militants in the city of Mayadin.

In recent weeks, the US has deployed dozens of military vehicles to Syria’s al-Hasakah governorate.

Washington is preparing for a new round of military escalation.

The exchanges of fire will apparently continue.

The recent moves against Iran have clearly demonstrated the “brand-new” strategy of the Biden administration in the region.

It seems to strongly resemble the old one.

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thats why they defeated a superpower + 25 other invader nations

Fire for Fire

The Biden strategy seems to be coordination with Turkey for a political settlement in Syria where Assad or his ally is voted in or out of office. Resolution 2254 appears to be the only thing that can return peace in Syria.
America is letting the PMU grow but this is a bad strategy as the U.S is bound to fight them at some point. They can’t both keep jockeying for control of Iraq. This is especially the case when a republican takes power.


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US has already lost in Iraq. PMU are mopping up. US will leave the region completely in coming months

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None of you

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Fire for Fire

They are Muslims but the guy is a victim of the U.S CNN, VOA, etc. It’s just America’s attempt to make Muslims hate China like they hate the U.S. Much of the articles you read about it are only exaggerating a manageable situation.

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Ivan Freely

Bullshit on your extermination accusations. De-radicalizing people from poisonous ideologies is a good thing.


Good on China

"Israel" is a terrorist European settler colony

That’s just CIA propaganda. Even “Israel” condemned China for the Uyghur issue – which only makes the whole Uyghur issue a joke.

If Israel cared about Muslims, how about give them equal rights and citizenship.

Simon Ndiritu

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Fire for Fire

China is trying to get those Muslims to give up Islam, but they aren’t doing that. The harder the Chinese government tried, the closer those Muslims stick to Islam. The government isn’t making any progress in its attempt to redefine the identity of that part of Chine. You are obviously a victim of the U.S anti-China propaganda. The U.S is trying to pit China against the world’s Muslims. They want Muslims to hate China like they hate the West. But we know what’s going on there and it’s far from what the U.S media exaggerates. Instead, Islam is the fastest growing religion in the World and especially in the Western World. It’ll be interesting to see how you devils will eliminate Islam. It’s your ideologies that will perish not Islam. The more you fight us, the stronger our faith. Until we come for you.

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Rodney Loder.

Same thing happened in Vietnam April 1970 when the Yanks got beat, Nixon went hell for leather bombing Cambodia trying to exacerbate the political differences between the Cambodian and Vietnamese Revolutionaries, when the Chinese supported Cambodia (mostly known as Kampuchea in the east) and Soviets supported Vietnam. (China supported North Vietnam too, much more than they supported Cambodia).

So SAA is not a Revolutionary Movement but the political differences between Turkey and Syria is what Biden is aiming at, back in 1970 l was very active and I never regestered for the draft, the dirty jew maggot evangelicals got me good, but we won in Vietnam, and i never went against the Chinese Khmer Rouge.

There were other differences, factionalism in the Vietcong and North Vietnamese ranks wasn’t so severe as now is between Syrian Comrades but Biden is Nixon all over again.

My analysis proved to be 100% correct in the 70 ‘s Vietnam never invaded Cambodia, same thing will happen between Turkey and Syria when the U.S. is defeated.


The Jews’ US Tyranny wardog bombing and killing the inhabitants blocking the Jews’ attainment of their “Greater Israel.”

Ivan Freely

“The recent moves against Iran have clearly demonstrated the “brand-new” strategy of the Biden administration in the region.

It seems to strongly resemble the old one.”

It should be apparent to anyone that it doesn’t matter who’s in the Oval Office. This is more true given that Biden doesn’t even know what planet he’s on.

L du Plessis

Assad can forget about Northern Syria and the Iraqis can forget becoming unoccupied by US forces.


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Seth Friedman

We shouldn’t be there considering the UA Government was the perpetrator of 911 and Syria never did anything.

Seth Friedman



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