Ansar Allah And Saudi-led Forces Establish Observation Posts To Monitor Hodeydah Ceasefire


Ansar Allah And Saudi-led Forces Establish Observation Posts To Monitor Hodeydah Ceasefire

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Yemen’s Ansar Allah and the Saudi-backed ‘Yemeni government’ have set up joint observation posts as part of de-escalation efforts in the port city of Hodeidah, the United Nations said on October 23 welcoming the move.

“This step forward will enhance de-escalation in flashpoint areas and save lives,” Martin Griffiths, the UN’s envoy for Yemen wrote on Twitter.

He noted that the establishment of observation posts and the deployment of liason officers, were positive moves.

The ceasefire in al-Hudaydah is a result of the inability of Saudi-led forces to deliver a decisive blow to Ansar Allah and achieve a military victory in the conflict, or at least capture the city.



  • LR captain

    the Houthis are much capable now then when the suadis were attacking al-hodeydah in terms of drones, missile strike and combat experienced soldiers. Thus not mention that during the push to capture al-hodeydah the houthis nearly encircled the suadis multiple times. the only reason why these attempts faild was the lack of urban fighting skill requiring the houthis to put more in men in the city, and the suadis naval and air efforts to force the houthis back into the mountains.

    things not go well for the suadis if they to take the city again.
    missile attacks on Saudi air strips would happen deal a blow the saudi air force. While suicide drones could put naval assets at risk. Out in the open in the mountainous valleys and terrain the houthis easily have the upper hand in terms of experience.

    the only real draw back for houths is their lack to experience fighting in built up urban areas and flat open coastal terran.

    all an all if fighting starts up in al-hodeydah the houthis may consider investing resources in these areas, such using drones to locate enemy troops in urban warfare and using more suicide drones on dug in positions without exposing their troops.

    • klove and light

      Saudis never attacked hodeydah……only mercenaries from SUDAN, COLUMBIA……….Saudi officers are Always way back the front lines………it was a no win Situation from Starters for the Zionist puppet Regime of al-saud……..yemen, just as Afghanistan are impossible to occupy/defeat, what ever words u wanna use for two simple reasons…..geography and their “hardened Society” based on blood and Clans.
      death to america death to Israel curse on the jews

      • “R” Addison

        I am an american-Socialist, and disavow “the new-Riome of Plutocracy” as that includes zionists, Gaudis, Oligarchs of Iraq, oligarchs of Turkey and of Russia. The Houthis, are in need of enterprising “political-Party” as well as military “parities”…we are anti-War excluding the need for militarizing for defense-Mechanisms!

  • “R” Addison

    the Gaudis are a podge of plutocRats, excluding the gRass roots persons, and they have a legitimacy…Houthi’s using defense missiles have somehow balanced murderous-U.A.E. as well as Gaudi’s!