Ansar Allah Carried Out 10 Strikes On Saudi Arabia’s Abha Airport Since 2016 (Infographics)


Ansar Allah (the Houthis) continues attacks on key infrastructure objects inside Saudi Arabia as a part of its campaign to deter the Saudi-led invasion in Yemen. According to data released by Yemen’s Al-Masirah TV channel, Ansar Allah carried out at least 10 strikes on Abha Airport since 2016.

The cruise missile strike on Abha Airport on June 12 was widely covered by mainstream media outlets. However, as it can be seen, this was not something unexpected. Saudi Arabia appears to be unable to fully defend its infrastructure and prevent further Ansar Allah attacks.

Ansar Allah Carried Out 10 Strikes On Saudi Arabia's Abha Airport Since 2016 (Infographics)

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    Well done Houthis !!

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    and its gonna get way worse saudis, inshallah houthis take it all the way to riyadh and hangs mbs