Arab Tribes formed New Militia to Fight Kurdish YPG in Northern Syria

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Arab tribes from the town of Tell Abyad located at the Turkish border has reportedly created a new militia group called Saraya Al-Qadisiyah. The group will fight against the predominantly Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) in northern Syria.

Arab Tribes formed New Militia to Fight Kurdish YPG in Northern Syria

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chris chuba

Wow. The Kurds really picked a bad time to turn on Assad’s forces both at Aleppo and Hasakah.
If they realize how much they blundered, they could probably still reconcile things with Assad’s govt and get a tolerable deal. They should never have trusted my beloved country, we are so Russophobic that it is a given that we would drop them like a hot potato to try to get the Turks back in our camp. Erdogan knows this and I bet this is one of the reasons he started trying to French kiss Putin.

Death to Imperialism, freedom

It’s a bad time for Kurds, true.We’ll see what they do next, but from what I read they’re obeying US orders for now

Pave Way IV

I’m starting to believe Hasakah was actually caused by the U.S. SF ‘advisers’ encouraging the Asayish to stir up trouble with the NDF/SAA. The point was to create some animosity directed at the Kurds so their U.S. backstabbing in Jarablus didn’t seem so bad. The timing was too convenient (a few days before Jarablus) to be a coincidence.

The YPG were living next to the NDF in Hasakah for a while without any trouble. Suddenly (and for no apparent reason) the Asayish start kidnapping relatives of NDF/SAA for some kind of weird hostage exchange. Arabs and Assyrians start quitting the SDF there for the NDF. Next thing you know, the SAA is shelling Hasakah and the Asayish/YPG are taking over Arab and Assyrian neighborhoods and evicting everyone. I say the U.S. pushed them into this – it was a provocation designed to make the Kurds react and look bad in the eyes of the world. They have never attacked NDF/SAA like this ever that I recall.


These ‘Arab tribes’ are Turks. They have been trying to exterminate Kurds for a long time.

Robert M

the fools seem to have fallen in the trap: once annihilated all the terrorists, turkey will be splitted in more parts. the south and the east will go to the kurds that finally will have the pretext to rebuild a new Kurdistan, the north and west, included many central areas, will go back to greece. instanbul instead will remain under russian control, to ensure the access to the mediterranean sea.

R. Arandas

Wouldn’t that be in the West’s interests though?

R. Arandas

The Arabs have committed horrific crimes against the Kurdish people for decades now as it is.