Arak Town And Arak Gas Field Liberated By Government Forces – Reports


Syrian government forces have liberated the town of Arak and the Arak gas field east of Palmyra in the province of Homs, according to pro-government sources.

If confirmed, this will be a major success of the Syrian military against ISIS in the province of Homs. In this case, the T3 airbase will become the next taget of the advancing government forces.

Arak Town And Arak Gas Field Liberated By Government Forces - Reports

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  • Dejan

    There are reports that Tiger forces cut Itriyah Raqqa road south of Tabqa

    • Wahid Algiers

      Yes, they did.

    • Wahid Algiers

      The newest article here confirms it too!!! The Tigers cut Itriyah Raqqa road south of Tabqa.
      Well done guys. And now close the pocket southwards to get the fleeing ISIL criminals coming from the west and northwest.

  • SVEN
  • Daniel

    I wonder where the brain washed ISIS goons will take their stand Sukhnah (Sakhneh) or as far as Deir Ezzor? They for sure seem to be running off to rally else where at least.

    • RGtz98

      Perhaps mountains since they’ve should know by know they aren’t able to launch major offensives anywhere other than in Deir Ezzor and only due to the SDF leaving them an open corridor

  • Solomon Krupacek

    when the palmyra reoffence began, i wrote, wake me up, when they will be i arak. so, 4 months lasted for saa, 1 week for isis :(( i wonder, how long will last the way to deir ez zor.

    • John Whitehot

      yea sure, there’s always something wrong in what the SAA does. when the ragheads jihadists are kicked outside of the country there will be somebody saying that it took them too long.

      Meanwhile, Talibans have occupied another settlement in Afghanistan, and the US/NATO have been there for how long? 16 years?

      • TerraCotta WoolPuller

        US/NATO have taken way too long there with no real results , US should learn to fight in urban/rural warfare or leave the hunting and planning to those more capable .

    • RGtz98

      Well fighting was happening in Hamas , Lebanese Border, Damascus and Northen Aleppo and now are all mostly liberated

    • FlorianGeyer

      Solomon, Your cheer leading for ISIS and the US is wasted on 99% of those who read here.
      No amount of your sycophantic ramblings here can justify the terrorist abominations in Syria .

    • TerraCotta WoolPuller

      The US proxies are all undermanned and inadequately trained , the Kurdish YPG/YPJ are bandit forces at best ,ISIS has always been a small group backed by other US proxies . They are bleeding on Deir Ez zoir as intended, hundreds of casualties already in failed attacks, they were reinforced a couple of times already and waiting to push out when the rest of the SAA join.
      SAA had to secure supply routes and prepare for a more treacherous enemy the US/ISRAEL/SAUDI proxy the Kurds .

      • Ronald

        The dye is not cast , the Kurds have not yet made a move , they could still tell the US and Saudi , thanks for the guns but “latter” . For their sake , and Syria’s , I hope they see the Yanky salesman’s play .

    • Kell
      • Solomon Krupacek

        typical bs from roosevelt. otherwise, not the saa, nut isis is the hard worker part :P


    The gazelles at Talila Reserve have been freed from their cruel ISUS keepers.
    Born free, let them run free again !

  • Ronald

    Helicopters must be in short supply , T3 should have been taken first , then the gas fields , but that only makes sense if you have helicopters to back the troops with .

  • Concrete Mike

    Great news Well done Syria and allies. You are fighting for true freedom, not this fake ass freedom shoved down our throats in the west.

    We are all proud if you.

    • John Marks

      “We are all proud if you.”
      We certainly are, and grateful.
      Any true liberal in the West rejoices at the victories of the Syrian Army over the forces of barbarism and darkness.
      The Syrians are the true heroes of liberty.