Armenia And Azerbaijan Boast Their Military Successes Amid Another Failed Ceasefire As Turkish Proxies Suffer From Russian Strikes In Syria

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Armenia And Azerbaijan Boast Their Military Successes Amid Another Failed Ceasefire As Turkish Proxies Suffer From Russian Strikes In Syria

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As it was expected, the new (third) humanitarian ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan negotiated in Washington in fact does not work. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan insist that they comply with the ceasefire, but the ‘enemy’ violates it. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev even finds time to announce new victories of the Azerbaijani military that somehow happened amid the ceasefire.

Apparently, coward Armenian forces violate the ceasefire regime by attacking the peacefully advancing Azerbaijani troops.

The Azerbaijani President also said that Turkish F-16 jets, which are deployed in Azerbaijan (just a few days ago the top leadership of Turkey and Azerbaijan was denying this) will be employed to protect his country in response to any act of the ‘foreign aggression’. It’s is interesting to look how the official narrative of Azerbaijan and Turkey has been shifting from claims about the Turkish non-involvement in the war to admitting the direct military participation of Ankara in the military escalation.

During the past 2 days, the Azerbaijani-Turkish bloc continued its advance towards the Lachin corridor, a strategic area where the shortest route between Armenia and the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic is located. According to reports, after the recent gains Azerbaijani troops are now in about 10-12km from the area. Azerbaijani forces are now working to secure their recent gains and establish strong points there. After this, they will likely establish a fire control over the strategic route thus undermining the Armenian ability to send supplies to Karabakh.

For example, according to the Armenian Armed Forces, Azerbaijan has been conducting active offensive actions in the south of Karabakh despite the ceasefire.

Armenian sources are also not shy to release new claims about their supposed victories in the war with Azerbaijan. For example, on October 26, the Armenian Defense Ministry released a new report claiming that Azerbaijan lost 6,674 troops, 600 armoured vehicles, 6 rocket launchers, 24 planes, 16 helicopters and 220 UAVs since the start of the conflict.


The mighty Armenian military industry is also allegedly developing its own loitering munitions (suicide drones) now:

Members of Turkish-backed militant groups that remain in Syria and are yet to move to some conflict zone to die for Erdogan’s Neo-Ottoman dream also suffer hard times. 

At least 78 Turkish-backed militants were killed and over 100 others were injured in a recent series of Russian airstrikes on their training camps and HQs in the Syrian region of Idlib. The main strikes targeted a former air defense base of the Syrian Army near Al-Duvayla. This area is by Turkish-backed militants and the former military base itself is currently a training camp for members of Faylaq ash-Sham.

Syrian sources link the increased number of Russian strikes on Turkish proxies in Syria with their deployment to the Nagorno-Karabakh combat zone to support Azerbaijan. Russia sees the increase of the presence of radical militant groups there as an unacceptable scenario.


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