Armenia Shot Down Drone Suffering Heavy Losses In Azerbijaniani Strikes (Videos, Photos)


On October 23, the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan released videos of recent strikes on Armenian forces in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh.

The videos show strikes on the following targets:

  • 3 M-46 130 mm howitzer;
  • 2 D-30 122 mm howitzer;
  • 12 fortified posts;
  • 2 BM-21 122 mm multiple rocket launcher;
  • 4 military trucks;
  • 2 ammunition depots;
  • 3 gatherings of troops.

Most of the strikes seen in the videos were carried out by Azerbaijani combat drones, while the rest were conducted with rocket launchers and other weapons.

Despite sustaining heavy losses in drones strikes in the early days of the battle, Armenian forces are finally adopting new tactics to counter this threat.

The Armenian Air Defense Force shot down on October 23 an Israeli-designed Aerostar tactical drone. The downed drone was made locally in Azerbaijan by Azad Systems. Drones of this type can operate at an altitude of 5,4 km and have an endurance of 12 hours.

In the last three days, at least three Turkish-mad Bayraktar TB2 combat drones were allegedly shot down by Armenian forces. These losses may force the Azerbaijani military to restrict the use of its drones.