Assad Meets With Russian President’s Special Envoy To Discuss Situation In Syria

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Assad Meets With Russian President’s Special Envoy To Discuss Situation In Syria

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On October 19, Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad met with Russian President’s Special Envoy to Syria Alexander Lavrentiev and discussed the recent developments in the war-torn country, according to the Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA).

During the meeting, Lavrentiev briefed al-Assad on the outcomes of his tour in the region, which included Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Furthermore, the Russian diplomat stressed that Russia seeks to exchange views on the issues of the region, especially the political process in Syria and and the battle against terrorism.

“The Russian side is satisfied with the positive attitude shown by Damascus and its openness to everything that would contribute to moving forward and achieving the desired progress on this path,” the SANA quoted Lavrentiev as saying.

The return of Syrian refuges was also discussed by the two sides during the meeting, that was attended by senior Syria officials and Russia’s ambassador in Damascus. According to the SANA, Assad stressed that the return of the Syrians to their home is a fundamental objective and is a priority for the work of the Damascus government.

The meeting reflects the high level of coordination between the Damascus government and Russia, which is currently working with several regional and international partners to stabilize Syria and promote political process there.

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Tudor Miron

Good development.


How to make clear to Putin that Turkey is not at all wellcome in Syria ? I does not matter the kind of agreement made between Russia-Turkey. Turkey must go back home inmediately.

John Whitehot

what happened to bibi going to moscow?