At Least 14 Killed Or Injured In Car Bomb Explosion In Baghdad Suburb (Videos)

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At Least 14 Killed Or Injured In Car Bomb Explosion In Baghdad Suburb (Videos)

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On April 15, two people were killed and at least 12 others were wounded in the eastern outskirts of the Iraqi capital Baghdad as a result of a large explosion.

The explosion took place in al-Habibah area of the Sadr city. An Iraqi security source told the RT Arabic channel that the large explosion was caused by a car backed with explosives as well as an improvised explosive device.

The Iraqi Security Media Cell confirmed RT’s report in an official statement and revealed that the car responsible for the explosion was a Nissan Sunny.

“The explosion led to the complete burning of the car, killing its driver and injuring a number of other citizens, as well as burning a number of nearby vehicles,” the statement reads.

Iraqi sources shared on social media a number of videos of the explosion in Sadr city, including one showing the exact moment in which the car blew up.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack yet. However, ISIS remains the main suspect, especially that Sadr city is considered a stronghold for Shiite groups.

On January 21, two suicide bombers of ISIS blew themselves up at an open-air market in central Baghdad. 32 people were killed and more than 100 others were injured as a result of the brutal terrorist attack. The security of the capital has not improved much since.


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