At Least 18 Killed, 80 Others Injured In Boko Haram Attacks On Nigerian Army Base

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At least 18 people were killed and over 80 others were wounded in Boko Haram’s overnight attacks on a military base in the city of Maiduguri and two surrounding villages in the state of Borno in northeastern Nigeria.

“So far we have recovered 18 dead bodies from the two villages,” an official from the State Emergency Management Agency, Benlo Dambatto, told AFP. “The victims were killed while trying to escape the fight between the insurgents and the military.”

According to reports, Boko Haram militants attacked the base with morars, bombs and fire arms.

In late March, the government announced that it is in talks with Boko Haram in order to secure a permanent ceasefire. However, no details were provided.

Boko Haram is now de-facto splet into two separate groups. So, talks with one of it do not mean that another would not conduct attacks across the country.

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Al-Qaeda, ISIS, SDF, YPG, BOKO HARAM etc all are creation of Zionist lead Washington.

Samuel Boas

Conspiracy theories are very interesting, yet do provide some proof so you can have an actual conversation.


about taliban and Al-Qaeda there is no doubt that they almost found and supported by us in 90s. about isis its obvious according to the Washington leaders said.
then us and zionists always used them for their own good for now to protect israel safe


In Africa right now there is a boom in mining activity – soft metals and minerals. Western mining firms are all over it – European, North American and Australian. You have to look at specialized mining sector media for details – about gold rush in Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Zambia – but there are trade journals covering international mining sector. Western companies work on premise of getting leases and paying off the local elites. However, the main competition has been coming from China – who operate differently, they get leases and then start building infrastructure in these countries – railway lines etc. This is an attractive option for some African states, but the western powers do not appreciate this form of competition in their old stomping ground. So an amazing coincidence – presto – resilient ‘muslim terror groups’ have sprung up across these soft metal and mineral rich African states fighting the government forces. Did it not occur to you this may be engineered to remind those governments of, and or bring them back into, the status quo of the western based model of foreign investment. Aggressive western neo-colonialism is hardly a new phenomenon, just recall early 1960s Katanga episode.


You are SO naive. No the Africans are neither fools nor knaves- they are Human just like ‘whitey’. Boko Haram is a classic ‘divide and conquer’ method aimed at a nation ‘Nigeria’ that is an artificial FUSION of christian and muslim traditions.

The ‘christian’ sector of Nigeria is happy to see islamic Boko Haram giving the muslim sector a hard-time. The muslim leaders of the muslim region are likewise happy, cos the islamic threat gives them the opportunity to suck on the teat of both western and Saudi Arabian corrupt money sources.

As usual, just as in the West, it is ordinary people that suffer. And NO- the resources of Africa are NEVER the factor- African leaders have always fell over themselves to invite foreigners in to exploit these resources so long as said foreigners make the local rulers as rich as Midas.

Funny, rob, how you always quote JEWISH analysis on places like Africa, as if ‘black’ people are ‘children’.

Where Nigeria remains primitive and vulnerable, it is the cultural tradition of the local people and their leaders that keep it that way. Just how in Ireland in the 20th century, when the british gave the irish their independence, the church took over every aspect of the lives of the ordianry people- and crimes against Humanity like THE MAGDALENE LAUNDRIES were inflicted on working class women.

Organised religion (ANY organised religion) is the cancer that allows all major wickedness to hurt people. Boko Harm operates in the same types of socio-economic regions in West Africa that the child raping women imprisoning catholics operated in Ireland across most of the 20th century. So stop selling the jewish LIE that ‘black’ people are somehow ‘different’ rob.

While it is true competing empires RAVAGED Africa for commercial gain in the past (culminating with the jewish financed Belgium Holocaust in Congo), the situation today in Africa is very different. The current wahhabi terror movements have NOTHING to do with commerce, either in Syria or Nigeria.


So you don’t buy the pipeline story in the case of Syria?


This is no evidence, China is investing in several African countries at the moment, but could you name some of them that also have islamic terrorism?
According to the map on this site, they are investing in countries WITHOUT islamic problems
So, why isn’t there a jihadi movement in Niger yet? Ethiopia? Eritrea, Cote Ivoire? Guinee? These are all countries with enough muslims to start terrorism, yet there are no ISIS, Al Qeada or similair groups


During one of the earlier raids on a major ISIS centre, documents were recovered showing the command and control structure of ISIS. At the top, of course, were the widely reported (at the time) SECULAR elite ex-officers of Saddam’s best units, recruited by british intelligence during their time in Tony Blair’s prisons after Blair’s invasion of Iraq. All this was published in the MAINSTEAM MEDIA- albeit the ‘proper’ newspapers buried inside in the kinds of wordy articles the Deep State knows the ordinary dribbler never bothers to read.

Zionist troll ‘Samuel Boas’ hopes most of you here have never done your homework. If someone here provided the background proof, he would fall silent- then tomorrow would turn up in another thread on this or another forum claiming once again that is is a ‘conspiracy theory’.

Hitler, in his early days, debated such zionist trolls- when Hitler thought the truth still counted for something. When he thrashed his zionist opponent with proof, his opponent fell silent- but at the next debate the zionist acted as if he had never even encoutered the proof and began all over agin to lie and say no such proof existed. For the zionist sells his lies NOT to the informed 1% who cannot be beat- but at the illiterate 99% who never bother to research things for themselves.

When the zionists like Boas are exposed they have one of two choices. To slime away to a forum with less rigour. Or to orchestrate a takeover of the forum via infiltration (which has happened on Southfront- see the boosting of the butcher who rules Saudi Arabia on the newest Southfront promoted story). The David Icke forums used to be a good place for rigourous anti-zionists, for instance, but Icke allowed zionists to take over moderator duties (they blackmailed him over his money making speaking tours- promising to have his venues shut down unless he allowed them control over his forums), and one by one the new zionist moderators banned all the intellectual anti-zionists. The harmless raving dribblers and braindead racists were left to stay, of course.

Southfront leaves the comments alone- knowing it would be too obvious to censor them. But the articles at Southfront are now fully zionist in nature.


Lets test your interest in this things, as some stated, this groups BH, an idiotic name, is as the ISIS consisting of scums and mercs, doing the Imperials bidding, creating cause, and the Wankees, the solution, get it.
And as rotten pirates, given an piece of land to, sprinkled with western cash and weapons, like the Group of uh…….. “Islamic terrorist groups” killing people in Mali, popping up where the west need them and Mali as Gold, lots of Gold, etc, etc, just ask MaCacphony, the little turd in Paris, whom staged an coup, after an election, remember that France, I wounder.

And then to the conspiracy juicy part of the statement, about whom is doing or did what, as why did Hitlary, along with the UssAs Impissers, in the banana republic, Gov, as they call it, refuse the put and label BH as an Terrorist Group, for years they did that, Obamalama the Lord of Piss and Drones, as they did/do with PUK, witch is, conveniently attacking Iran, yeah, ding ding, rings any bells, huh.

Nice touch huh, do enlighten me of I an jumping around with an tin foil hat.
And by the way, I dont even bother to find one, you do that, I dont care.

But apart from that, with all due respect, go and ¤#%¤ your self.


Nigeria Military Power 2017


Pakistan had allied with the Zionist led Washington for the last 70 years. Have they made any progress or still in dark ages.
According to 1980 Pakistan should have its own Satellite Launch Vehicle or SLV. But they couldn’t develop any its own SLV.
At this moment Pakistan should have to produce its own 1100 MWe nuclear power plants, bullet trains, Commercial jets of 300 seats, jet engines for fighter jets and commercial jets, 8 meter optical telescope for space observetories, Steel mills and other industries for own needs as well as for friendly countries. The Zionist led UK and Washington will stop all Muslim countries from development and prosperity until all Muslim states wake up and know their friends and foes.


Worst enemies- god you are STUPID! Pakistan has become the ONLY muslim nation with nukes thanks to its alliance with the UK- Pakistan not only owns nukes, it actually has the scientists who know how to design and build them from first principles- which is more than you can say about the thicko jews of Israel (their nuke tech is really of British, French, Russian and American origin- jews are far too thick to achieve anything on their own).

What holds Pakisatn back is what holds back catholic nations like Italy or Ireland- nations hardly reknown for their science or engineering. ORGANISED RELIGION worshipped by too large a section of their society.

The people themselves curse Pakistan, NOT outsiders- tho outsiders encourage primitive Islam for sure. In the 1970s, Britain built the fundamental religious schools in Pakistan that would produce the future Taliban leaders in Afghanistand (who were previously the Mujahideen who fought the Russians). But too many pakistanis dedicate themselves to religious nonsense degrading the prospect of Pakistan.

Culture, poisoned by organised religion, is a killer. The ‘mob’ prefers to ruin their own lives rather than to ever think about cracking open a book.

Middle class educated Pakistanis are swamped by the peasants class, and in our age zionists ensure the peasants feel so entitled, they scream down all the efforts of the educated. Universal education makes every peasant THNK their opinion is as valuable as the well-read expert.

And why do you dribble such detaled zionist nonsense, Rob. Take aircraft design. Who cares what pakistani propaganda aimed at naive peasants dribbled in the 1980s to win votes. In the EU, passenger plane enginnering is SO HARD, an alliance of all leading European nations is needed to keep ONE company (airbus) viable. And that company, like all similar today, loses vast fortunes each year.

The BIGGEST problem of this form faced by nations like Pakistan (AND AMERICA) is that it is easier to buy chinese enginneered products than to have a local production- and this moves crucial skillsets to China. Does Russia build even one CHIP that is worth using in a commercial electronic product? Of course not- and that’s RUSSIA. Yet you dribble your zionist nonsense implying pakistanis are uniquely feckless.

What is true is that the monsterous jews want ever muslim nation with an industrial base DESTROYED. So Iraq, Libya, Syria- and soon Iran. These industrial bases CANNOT build commercial aircraft -big deal. No- the issue is that an industrial base (as in Russia) gives independence to the defense industries. NOT commercial industries- the muslims want to buy from China like the rest of us- but defense. The jews want all other people in the region defenseless.


Instead they got zia ul haq and after even worse leaders…..


If there is oil, there will be CIA cockroaches, scurrying about in the dark and causing trouble.
The only way to stop them is to fumigate the nest.