Attack On Israeli-Operated Fuel Tanker In Arabian Sea Was Response To Recent Strikes On Syria – Report

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Attack On Israeli-Operated Fuel Tanker In Arabian Sea Was Response To Recent Strikes On Syria – Report

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The recent attack on an Israeli-operated fuel tanker in the Arabian Sea was a response to the July 21 Israeli strikes on Syria, the Iranian al-Alam TV reported on July 30.

Several drones attacked the Liberian-flagged fuel tanker MERCER STREET just northeast of the Omani island of Masirah early on July 30. Two crewmen, a British and a Romanian, were killed in the attack.

MERCER STREET is operated by the London-based Zodiac Maritime, which is owned by Israeli billionaire and shipping tycoon Eyal Ofer.

Citing informed sources, the al-Alam TV said that the attack on MERCER STREET was carried out by “resistance forces,” a term usually used to refer to Iran’s allies in the Middle East, in response to the July 22 Israeli strikes on al-Daba Air Base in the central Syrian governorate of Homs.

The strikes inflicted heavy damage on the air base, which is known to be Hezbollah’s main logistic center in Syria. Several fuel depots were reportedly destroyed.

Al-Alam revealed for the first time that the Israeli strikes on al-Daba Air Base had claimed the lives of two “resistance fighters”.

The Iranian state-owned news channel was likely referring to Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps commander, Seyyed Ahmad Qureshi, and Lebanese Hezbollah commander, Mohamad al-Sayyed al-Amin, whose death was reported right after the strikes.

Israeli officials blamed Iran for the attack on MERCER STREET. Tel Aviv’s Defense Minister, Chief of Staff of the Israeli military and top security brass held an emergency meeting after the alleged Iranian attack.

“The mask is off, and it is impossible to pretend not to know the nature of the Iranian regime. Iran is not only a problem of Israel, it is a global problem,” an unnamed Israeli official was quoted as saying. “Our campaign against Iran will continue.”

The attack on MERCER STREET may be linked to an attack attempt that targeted a Saudi merchant ship in the southern part of the Red Sea on the very same day. The Houthis (Ansar Allah), Iran’s main allies in Yemen, were allegedly behind the attack attempt.

Any response by Israel will further provoke Iran and its allies. The covert war between Tehran and Tel Aviv, which has been ongoing for years now, may turn public soon.


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so lets see how long the zionists will continue to attack others when every single attack will be welcome with a retaliation and not just one but two three four as much as we desire its not up to them to decide about that

Zionist Scum in diapers

CIA report states that the IDF is short of diapers and not in a state to fight a prolonged asymmetrical kinetic type of war that Iran and Hezbollah excel at. The Zionists simply don’t have the gaypower to fight someone as well armed and combat tested as Hezbollah or Iran. The introduction of precision missiles and drones in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Yemen has changed the regional power balance for ever. The Zionists can bomb civilians but will be wiped out themselves as Hezbollah will not hold back this time.


Israel is LETHAL, if it was not for those stupid Liberals, you would soon be hiding

Americunt LOSERS

SELF LOVE IS THE DRUG Can masturbating REALLY boost your immune system and fight Covid? You should be safe :)

Arch Bungle


If ‘israel’ was ‘lethal’ it would not have spent 70+ years backed by two world superpowers yet still struggling to get control over some defenseless, downtrodden and random Arabs in the middle of nowhere.

‘israel’ is like an impotent old man heavily reliant on v$$gra – limp and impotent without an expensive pill.

And that medicine bottle is running out quite fast …

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MI6 Tanker

From what I have read the “Tanker” was carrying Intel gathering equipment and a team of British MI6 and Mossad (they have a joint operations centre in Cyprus on the “British Soverign Base Area”).
The Iranian drones specifically targeted the control room under the bridge where the British and Israeli spooks were working.
Apparently an MI6 officer was killed and several Mossad wounded – hence the Israeli “outrage”.
Israel called in support from the US and UK and apparently the US responded with a carrier group (USS Ronald Regan) and the British with a sub.
This level of support and protection is not what you would expect for a humble little tanker (but if there was actually a sophisticated intel gathering operation in play and the tanker was full of NATO spooks, then such protection would be warrented).
This was demonstration of ability by Iran – similar to the missile demo on the US base in Iraq last year.


Ability to Bury their top most general, qassem and their top most scientist


the zionist open relation with uae works very well for iran in fact it doesnt work well for the zionists neither for the emiratis also the zionists getting bombed all over the place is something that will be normality soon enough and they really better get used to it and i say it now this isnt news aka propaganda its reality and if they cant adapt to it than they are gone faster than they understand what happened

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat
Zionist Scum in diapers

UAE pimpdom is the transhipment port for stolen Iraqi and Syrian oil. Expect many more accidents in Dubai.

Icarus Tanović

Bless your words.


iam very sure that iraqi resistance will also launch soon enough its retaliation so zionists be prepared to maybe losing a depot or a factory or whatever they might hit

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

Retaliation? Thx for the good laughs, clown!


hahahaha iam the clown right you call yourself iranians want to be free tell me how do a few 100s liberals help you with that desire because to me as somebody living in iran its such a joke its amazing you are so powerless and irrelevant please spare us your nonsense hahahahaha clueless endless repeating broken record is what you are XD

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

maybe it will be a factory blowing up in the zionist usurper entity maybe a depot maybe something completely different but clear is that the zionists will be hit again and again and again and again and that all the screaming and whining wont help them the resistance will only hit them harder the more they whine about it and if they do other mistakes than they better get used to rockets again falling on haifa tel aviv and co soon


these people are utter idiots they are right now on a high time they dont understand how bad things are for them a few 100 liberals on the street is something iran basically can ignore they are so powerless and irrelevant the westerners they cant even put up a real threat and it just shows compared to 2008 which was pretty much a revolt that the liberals have no power anymore and are about to leave the scene specially inside iran


the liberal administration in iran the last 8 years was so pro american the americans never thought that iran would even slightly move out of the jcpoa and in fact these liberals had such an obsession to please america that america totally had lost it and thought it could do as it please but it backfired iranians view america today as most irrelevant part of the world which is a huge damage to america and i repeat the irrelevance of irans enemies is not just seen in their hasty and humiliating surrender in afghanistan but also how their capabilities to hit iran despite the liberal administration are on a low so much so that they were never as powerless as they are today


i can clearly say that america has no future anymore because that is the reality of todays world and by failing in west asia they failed globally and their threats towards china and russia these days are just a joke they dont have what it takes to have mayor war anymore they cant even handle a small scale war anymore


the fact that you went back to pathetic attempts of counter revolution seperatism and so on just shows me that you have failed so badly that you dont have much left anymore than to depend on a few 100 deluded iranians who are that useless they cant even help themselves let alone be able to help you many of whom are drug addicts or dealers its just amazingly pathetic

Ashok Varma

Iranians are more free than people in the west who live in police states.

US & EU are Zion slaves

The only “people” who wear masks and hide behind masks are Zion and Wahhabi terrorists.
Also, SF do a better job of reporting please, that is such a one-sided report, The Axis of Resistance also made a comment so why did you people just put up Zion lies?
“The Axis of Resistance won’t permit Israelis to commit any crimes without retaliation, whether from Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Iran or elsewhere. They (Israeli officials) have to understand that resistance forces can reach them anywhere,” Beirut-based Mohsen Saleh said in an exclusive interview with Press TV on Saturday.”
“They have to re-calculate their existence or hostilities against resistance groups and factions, whether in Lebanon, Syria or Iraq. All these groups are really willing to counterattack or retaliate against Israel’s acts of aggression,” he pointed out.”

Resistance front won’t allow Israel to perpetrate crimes with impunity, says analyst

Last edited 1 month ago by US & EU are Zion slaves
Icarus Tanović

That is right. Only one who hides behind various masks are Ziowahhabis. Period.


‘Iran is not only a problem of Israel, it is a global problem,” an unnamed Israeli official was quoted as saying. ‘

Standard Israeli canard – trying to conflate their own, self made, regional conflict with Iran into a problem for other states, who have no primary relationship to issue. It is not a global conflict – it is a regional power conflict. If Israel wants to be a regional aggressor they need to do their own heavy lifting.

Icarus Tanović

Is I.R.Iran problem to N.K. or to Vietnam, to Venezuela, to Cuba, to P.R.China, to Russia, to Chile, to Zimbabwe, to Sar, to…you name it.

Zionist Scum

The days of spineless MI6 plant Rouhani are long gone and even the CIA front rag Al Monitor has acknowledged that the Zionist cowards are crapping in their diapers as Raisi has taken the decision to repay them in spades. The quiet dignified military and political tactician of Hezbollah Sheikh Naim Qassem, not prone to make rash statements, has stated that the Axis of Resistance will match the Zionist cowards building for building, brick for brick. BTW, the two Zionists killed on the ship were Mossad agents on the usual UK and Romanian passports and the attack was based on precise intelligence off the Dhofari coast by local Omani Resistance. Zionists will regret the day they fuked with Iran.

Last edited 1 month ago by Zionist Scum

i did told people here on southfront almost a year ago that rouhani is a freemason and that he will be arrested eventually but just wait and see for yourself the entire liberal mafia will soon be dismantled and after it you will find out htat sabotage or assassinations inside iran will become absolute failures one worse than the other with iran not just foiling it but bringing the damage back to the source

Last edited 1 month ago by farbat

„The mask“ has long been off of the Israeli regime. They are the problem.

Icarus Tanović

You’re such an idiot. Son, you should talk to specialists for extremely stupid kids.

Last edited 1 month ago by Icarus Tanović
Icarus Tanović

Oooooh, I feel so relived.

L du Plessis

What israel sows it will reap.