Attention! Norwegian Intelligence Warns: Russians Infiltrated Social Networks

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According to the Norwegian Intelligence Service, “Russia will continue to carry out extensive intelligence activities on Norwegian targets.”

Attention! Norwegian Intelligence Warns: Russians Infiltrated Social Networks

Photo: Wikipedia / National Library of Australia

The Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS), also known as Etterretningstjenesten, has warned that “Russia will continue to carry out extensive intelligence activities on Norwegian targets,” the Local informational website reported, citing a report of the special service.

“The threats in the digital world against political, military and economic targets are increasing. We expect extensive intelligence operations in the coming year,” the report states.

According to the NIS, the main threats to the country include digital threats from Russia and China, international terrorism, military buildup in Russia, and increased risk of conflict between Russia and the West over the crisis in Ukraine.

The report states that the cyber threat from China is primarily concerned for industrial espionage, while Russia is going to influence the public opinion and political situation in Western countries.

“For several years, Russia has infiltrated social networks to influence public opinion and used this as a base to spread disinformation and slander. Based on Russia’s activity and capacity we believe that they possess information that they can use to influence the political processes and decisions of other countries,” the website quoted the report.

The NIS also warned that Russia may attempt to intervene in the election in Norway and in other European countries, recalling accusations of some US intelligence services, which considered that Russia was involved in the scandal, connected with the presidential race in their country. Moscow repeatedly rejected these suspicions.

“We have nothing concrete to suggest that there is a threat directed at the Norwegian elections, but we see what has developed over a very short time. It would be naive to believe that this couldn’t also affect the Norwegian election in different ways,” Norwegian Defense Minister Ine Eriksen Soreide said.

The report also pointed out that despite problems in its economy, Russia ‘made a bid’ for development of military technologies, however, the intelligence service does not call Russia an direct opponent.

Norway also is concerned for technical progress of the neighboring state. According to head of the Norwegian Intelligence Service Lieutenant General Morten Haga Lunde, Russian submarines regularly appear off the coast of Western countries, but it is enough difficult to detect them.

“We are seeing an increase in Russian submarine activity and that the vessels are moving further west. Meanwhile their submarines have such well-developed technology that they are becoming increasingly difficult to detect,” Lunde said.

According to the Norwegian NRK TV-channel, Russian submarines are virtually silent and equipped with advanced missile systems and hydrojet propulsion systems that make them virtually invisible at low speeds.

In conclusion, Lund noted that there is no reason to consider Norway a target for future attacks of Islamists, but this threat still exists.

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Hysterical russophobia and pure madness.

Daniel Castro


Uhh, big bad russians are threatening our social networks!

What a bunch of losers!

Ole Johansen

The royal kingdom of Norway, officially occupied by coup de etat on the 10th of January 1940, where as the current administration unlawful extended their period in power from 3 to 4 years without ANY legal justification is now today nothing but a more and more self destructive free masonic ruled puppet state of the globalist and zionist.

The so called “Labor Party” of Norway today(and they where the ones performing the coup de etat) is today managed by one gay from Syria, a woman from another middle east nation and the jesuitt Jonas Gahr Støre. What they propose is just bullshit like new sexes like “hen” and the right for children to have more that two normal parents.

Its all insanity in Norway now. A nation that is bankrupt, due to owing more in pensions than even the famous oil fund can pay down. Politicians are stealing, lying and acting as rats on behalf of interests that can be tied down to nothing but globalism and the network that brought the world bullshit like the Clintons.

Norway has no military anymore. Even the officers have had their handguns removed.

The reason for this is in my opinion that ALL parts of the official Norway is not so infiltrated by foreign interests, that they fear a military coup.

The now well known Jens Stolteberg was involved in a pedophile scandal in Norway a few years ago and one can only guess what kind of a threat his presence in the leader chair of NATO poses to the security of Europe. He single handed represents the most dreadful kind of leadership and represents the Rothschilds many tentacles in the nation.

His sister is chief of poisoning the population as in charge of the Rockefeller sponsored “Public Health Institute” and his father is in charge of the secret “Stay Behind” in Norway that has been harassing, manipulating, killing and ruining Norway since the illegal takeover prior to the WW2, whereas the aftermath of the war, was used to clear out the Free Masonic ranks to now only hold traitors and useful idiots.

Then we read bullshit that is news like this, and yes its true they say this in Norway, but its bullshit what they say, one can understand that the elite is now getting shaky as Trump on the one hand is single handed providing the world with a truthful view of the so called presstitues, while Putin on the other hand has stated clearly how the elite has gone sick and turned into a controllable unit tough being one bunch of ugly pedophiles.

Pedophilia, Free Masonic and the global elite that is now being fought in the US and pointed finger at by Mr Putin, is one just different colors of the same feather.

Meanwhile the population of Norway is so brainwashed that it makes North Korea look like the lighthouse of informed population.

The government and nearly each and every political party is under complete control by the zionist/globalist. If you do not comply, you will get a stroke or die of bleeding in the brain. The deaths of politicians in this manner is like ten dies from the left side against one at the right side. Its to obvious and it still happens.

Now the reason the traitors of Norway the Free Masonic, the politicians and especially the “Labor Party” that now consists of people that never had a job in their entire life, had made sure Norway is like unarmed is the “grand plan”.

This plan is quite clear and logic. NATO is underfunded and controlled by the MIC.

In order to obtain control of the huge wealth of Norway, the best way to steal that is to get Norway in a conflict with Russia. This will be done by overruling the flight control system of the F35 that is part drone and part pilot controlled. Norway does not have the drone controller and hence that its the perfect tool to create a false flag event, get Norway into war with Russia and then simply steal the national fortune.

For this to happen there are 3 factors that must be in place.

The traitors Jens Stoltezenberg must be in NATO and the traitor Jonas Gahr Støre must be prime minister of Norway and the F 35 in in operation. Once those things are aligned they will set of this plan. Støre will go abroad and officially be in control of the entire oil fund that is already placed abroad. The entire oilfund will be a part of the NATO coffers.

For anyone that are in doubt about the F35 drone part, please read about BUAP/

And by the way once at BUAP, for those with a technical talent, try to figure out the first strike capability that BUAP that is now implemented in ALL commercial airplans and that combined with AIS. The US has like 10 000 drones up in the air 24/7 with this system that was secretly implemented after 9/11.

Please also note that Norway that was opposing both jesuits, munks and jews in their original second amendment of the constitution of 1814. Since that Norway has been a target for encrypted jews and jesuits at a large scale, ending with “top notch” infiltrators that does not have one single drop of Norwegian blood in them like Stoltenberg and Støre. The buildup of Norway as a “peace nations” by the Rotschild controlled “peace price” is a part of the scam to take place in order to trigger a new world order.

Just look at how Norway played a important role in ruining Libya and hence that also Europe. They bombed like psychopaths, broke every law there is to break.

The long term strategy to infiltrate Norway and build it up as a “peace nation” for later to use that as a tool to trigger a new world order trough creating complete chaos is about the have its final stages.

Now the only reason Støre is NOT prime minister is the delay of the delivery of F35.

To get anyone with Norwegian blood to start a war with Russia its not possible without the F35, controlled remote from possibly Miami or Ramstein, Germany. We do not want war nor need war. But once F35 is delivered and Støre becomes prime minister this Autumn by squeezing the last drops out of the traitorous free masonic controlled press of Norway, the stage is set for the new era of the nation, by the very same movement that made sure Norway went into WW2 unarmed and also made sure Germany could occupy it so they could do the cleansing of good blood in the Free Masonic system and truly position a full scale infiltration based government to use the tool Norway for new goals towards the one world government vision.

The history of Norway is under control by these traitors that now controls EVERY single aspect of the nations doings. So hence that most Norwegians do not understand or realize how their faith is about to emerge.

Neither did the Norwegians understand the value of providing alternative news from the few that are awakening to the new realities as there are several websites that does provide the real history of the 1940 coup de’etat and the real story about how the nation was infiltrated and are now just a globalist tool and possibly the most dangerous threat the European security. so the information on these issues like how the father of Jens Stolenberg is in charge of the terrorist organization “Stay Behind”, a toll used to control the population with tools like chemical lobotomy, killings and how the now dead Mossad agent “Oscar” Jens Christian Hauge played a crucial part of the period before and after the WW2, to set the stage for what might be called the “Quisling 2.0” project, how the long planned “peace nation” is to be used to stage a real horror future for Europe and then that the one world government will be presented as the salvation.

And this is why they now come out with this bullshit about Russia interfering with the elections. Its crucial that the “legal” government of Norway is lead by a traitor in order for the national fortune to be turned into a tool for NATO/MIC/NWO, so the stage must be set properly so that the population can be driven in the right direction before the so called election. Also France and Germany has the same “fear” of “fake news” and “Russian interfering”. But also these nations are under complete control of the very same dark forces. Trump is now the only wildcard in this and maybe a unforeseen outcome of the fact that resistant towards “fake history”, “fake democracy” is spreading like wildfire in the age of information.

But expect the true motive behind the infiltration and take over of Norway to emerge as soon as they get their false flag took ready to start their massacres.


where did you find this article i need the source please

Ole Johansen

What do your refer to as “this article”? I write stuff based on my own research from multiple sources.


was well written i though u might have just copy pasted

Ole Johansen

Here is some more on Norway, but this is not mine and its copy paste:

(Please note that its my suspension that the author of this text, whom held cosmic clearance in the Norwegian gouvernment as a political adviser of the assassinated minister of defense Johan Jørgen Holst, MUST proclaim its “the Russians” in order to stay alive.
If he points fingers at the sick zionists, that I suspect are the ones in control and was also in control of the Soviet, his days are counted.

One has to understand the difference between the zionist controlled Soviet and todays Russia. )


Norway: a Dual State with a Mask of Human Rights

To a professional analyzer, identifying the processes that make realities continually is crucial.

I spent six years of research into the Kremlin’s most secret methods before a breakthrough.

In 2002, I got my Eureka moment and was from then on able to roll up what had happened in my country, Norway, and in other nations in which Stalin had doubled the state and stolen it from the native population.

I found that very cleverly done communist deception had been the main engine for developments internationally, from micro to macro.

It still is.

Regarding Norway, I can sum up the situation as following:

Norway has been under masked Russian hegemony since 1935.

In 1939 and 1940, Joseph Stalin’s NKVD even staged a smart Coup d’état to finally settle the Kremlin’s power over Norway, employing the Labour Party and the Freemasonry in the coup.

Some months after the final coup in January 1940, the Kremlin’s puppets helped Stalin in a stratagem, in which he lured his friend Adolf Hitler to invade and occupy Norway.

Joseph Stalin’s puppets in Oslo let the country be completely open military for the Germans on April 9, 1940.

Berlin was able to invade and conquer Norway employing only 8 800 troops, in the beginning.

It was an achievement that would have been impossible without help from Stalin’s enforced puppet regime in Oslo which had no legal fundament to govern but had stolen the power after illegally canceled an election to the National Assembly in 1939.

Stalin loved strategic tricks from medieval times when parking own territory with a friend or a potential enemy for a while, was common among cunning kings.

Hence, parking Norway with Hitler was a cleverly conducted maneuver in the Kremlin’s Grand Strategy.

From June 1940, Stalin parked his Norwegian puppet Government in London, using them to take control over the huge Norwegian merchant fleet and as planned before the war, employing this fleet to ship equipment from the U.S. to the Soviet Union in the years to come.

After the German defeat in 1945, Joseph Stalin’s secret services staged several charades in Oslo in which Moscow changed puppets and reinforced its secret hegemony, continuing to build the totalitarian dual state which still is the fundament for the masked Russian control over the country, 77 years after the coup in January 1940.

Enhancing the old structures of power was the objective with the false flag operation which started with the killing of 77 people on July 22, 2011.

Since then mafia lawyers have been spinning deception on the bodies to lure the Norwegians into massively supporting the old system of state structure with current national leaders under secret Russian control and rule from the shadows.

The Kremlin’s mafia lawyers that rigged the terror attack in Norway have employed the same techniques that I identified as early as in 2002.

Part of the terror attack was to assassinate me, but I also survived this attempt after more than a year in a hospital.

A dual state means execution out of courts by poison or other means.

It means regularly staged terror attacks and massacres to maintain indirectly support of the dual system on false premises to the population.

To conclude, a Russian Mafia State has got the power and elections are only masquerading the real criminal power over the state below the surface.

The underground Russian control isn’t only a phenomenon in Norway, but also a circumstance of the Western World and beyond.

With Barack Obama as a loyal puppet in the U.S.A. for eight years, president Vladimir Putin and his secret services have been busy doubling states wherever there’s been possible to exploit such vulnerabilities, for instance in Africa.

A dual state means that National Assemblies and Governments are transformed to become fronts.

Democracy is mostly a mask.

Such a dual system of the state requires a particular sort of human beings as Prime Ministers.

A precondition is that they obey to the Kremlin’s mafia lawyers in the Capitals and that they are hypocrites by nature.

A good example is the former Prime Minster of Norway, Kjell Magne Bondevik.

Mr. Bondevik claims to be a Christian and a Human rights defender, and the other day he attacked the Donald Trump administration for neglecting basic human rights regarding Muslim immigration.

American authorities had then stopped him for an hour after arriving Washington, D.C.

Norwegian politicians keep on holding their facade.

To the bitter end.


The Norwegians where betrayed in WW2, but the people will not fall for this again!

Ole Johansen

Norway is one of the most brainwashed nations at planet earth right as we speak. There is news about rising threats and lack of a functional military on daily basis. Norwegians in general think Norway is somewhat protected by NATO. This myth is increased as globalist put the traitor Stoltenberg at the top of the organization.

Norway will fall for the same trick again. That is for sure.


What is the connection between Zionist to Norway? they vote against Israel every time and fund radical pro Arab groups in Israel.

Ole Johansen

You need to separate the infiltrator and the Norwegian people. The NAIVE Norwegian people that does not like zionism, apartheid nor Israel.

When the youth organization of the labor party wanted to boycott Israel, the Norwegian death squad killed 77 of them at the terror event with the Free Masonic patsy Breivik as a scapegoat.

You need to understand the value of operating such deceptive operations like the Oslo Agreement, that historically is proven to be nothing but a betrayal to Palestine.

Can you imagine a better stand than representing a nation that is supposed to be against Israel, their fascism and apartheid state and then to “make peace deals” etc, while the very same nation does not even know its infiltrated and controlled in a sophisticated manner using basically a secret network that is Free Masonic based, bit not limited to that?

A system where those that are foolish and blind can make it, but anyone that speaks up will be crushed by the deep zionist and globalist state?

Of course its great to operate from such nation.

There are more Israel fans at the parliament than anywhere else in the nation. Some open and some encrypted. Those that are not are just useless tools for those that are. The encrypted ones are the most dangerous like Støre, that has been caught bare handed on camera providing lies on his stance on Israel. He is a double agent as so many others

Ole Johansen

IF you look at the Norwegian efforts in Palestine, its been betrayal at high level and real efforts to help at personal level like the famous doctor. But even him I do not trust as he might betray his ideas once needed and was built up for just that important day.

When it comes to Norway do not trust anything.


Norwegians are too brainwashed and stupid to understand that muzzienazifascists are their problem. Instead they blame Jews, just like their daddy Hitler did. And they have half of Norway no go zones where muzzienazifascists only can go. Once a nazi always a nazi, it’s in their genes. Idiocy is is contagious and inherited in Norway.

Ole Johansen

The average and native Norwegian has always been slightly naive, and with more than a thousand years under pope control, due to the first real national traitor St Olav, that with sword made Norway christian, loosing both identity and moral trough that, it has ever since been a nation that was occupied.

Whatever a “muzzienazifacist” is, I guess its “made in Tel Aviv”.

First off all our traitors was crucial for what should be called “Rotschildistan” and not Israel, a well known home for many crazy extremists with severe mental problems and a hang to want to kill off the rest of humanity, self proclaimed “chosen from god” etc, it was our traitors that made it possible for this nation of lunatics to get nukes. Secondly our traitor Haakon Lie, ran off to New York to kick off United Nations, paid by the same evil force behind “Rothschildistan”, somewhat at the way claiming “to build a new Jerusalem”, whatever that meant.

Yes jews are not particularly popular in Norway, Sweden, Denmark or anywhere else they try to infiltrate and then in a parasitic manner build down the nation from the inside, posing with false names and whatever it takes. Terror is the latest kid on the block.

The main export product from the psychopathic occupation of Palestine owned land is terror and death. All this trough the blood of many good men and the so called “Balfour declaration”, the Rotschilds understood the sick nature of a large part of the Jews and wanted to set the stage for later wars and destruction of the world, by getting a bunch of lunatics to settle in what is now known as Israel. This was in 1916.

In order to further strengthen the occupation, the false holocaust needed to be created. And so it was. Now their “victims” and not occupants.

The holocaust strategy has been recycled in Rwanda to set the stage for the western proxy leader Kagame and was also used in Norway at a miniature scale in Norway whereas the Norwegian death squad killed of 77 youths from the labour party youths, creating a new level of protection for the traitor party and setting the stage for a new generation of foreseeable easy to manipulate and scare of politicians to come, if their current plan of massacring the people and steal the oil fund does not work.

If you criticize the Labor Party today they are fast to brand you a danger or extremist, like their patsy Breivik is supposed to be.

Just as the jew pull their false holocaust card when towards the wall on their misbehavior wherever they set their they try to infiltrate and suck blood of whom ever.

We even got a very old word describing the jews from the 1600 century and its called “Jøderi” and that can be translated to “Jewery” and it means “the ones that stomach never can be filled” and in the old book that describes the word, its also stated that Scandinavia suffered for 400 years from the exploitation and infiltration of the jews. That was in 1700.

So please tell me why Scandinavians should like or respect such a people that has no shame nor justification. We know the “muzzie” problem is a set up from the Jewish as they are the only people sick enough to really go in front for a world in wars forever.


For fucks sakes…

John Whitehot

one wonders how they know that “Russian submarines appear near western shores” if it is “difficult to detect them”. Now somebody go on and tell that they surface so that people can see em.


I am one of the few living that is an direct remnants of the Varangians, an Bjarm( skotic to day), we even had our own nation, this is confirmed thru documents, the Russians knows this, but we have been systematically suppressed and they did it whit inventing the so called indigenous Sami people.
If you look at Wikipedia about Sami, they look like “indigenous” but they arent that, thos whom lives there now are ordinary people from other regions that ours, the northern parts of what in ancient times where the home of the giants, the Jotunheimen where infact in Finmark.
And to be even more precise, my people is the same as the Basque, Merovingian, Korsika, and Berbers and so on, and we dont look like “mongols” (with all respect) since its the Norse that is infact Turk-Mongols, and if you look at photos of Trunk-Mongols you will see it, and there you have the “sami” look, we dont look like that at all, the “sami” arent even Nordic, they refuse to take an DNA test, and that makes them possible to steal OUR history, and make it to their own, so called “indiginous” history, witch is 100% fake.
I can prove everything, they cant prove anything.
And so on.
Take a look at Medvedev/Putin, that is how we look, like Finns, we are the original Finns, and in older times knows as Hyperborea.
The land of the giants.
And archeologically, we have 10000 years old housing ruins, castles and so on, that dates back to time immemorial, because 2000 years ago, trees grew in Svaldbard and Novaia Semlja.
But this are been suppresses and not published, even when the documents shows this what I write about to be true.
The Norse lies about everything.

And everything Ole J wrote is true, the friend of ABB flew of to an Kibutz in Israel, the same day, because I know there where several shooters, and I can even see His face, since the MSM slipped and publicized an picture of this scumbag, and I never forget an face, once I have memorized it.

I could go on for hours but leaves it there, Stoltenberg is one sick f….. and the entire Gov. is controlled by and run thru the Bildenbergers.

I am afraid the Norse is so brainwashed that they will walk into the trap without thinking,
Thats why the hate propaganda is on going as we speak and thats now for weeks and the bonkers drivel is even escalating to this days.

Yeah, Ole, hehe, be careful, they are terminally insane, untrustworthy and lairs.
And right now, they are ruining our land.
But I am afraid its to late.

May the lord have mercy upon us all, the war is coming and I dont trust Trump for an second.
All thoe the rhetoric is trying to be something of an opposition to Trump and the present insane wankee state, I dont fall for it at all, pure theater and nothing else.