Azerbaijan Carried Out 600 Flights In Nagorno-Karabakh War, Lost One Single SU-25 Fighter Aircraft

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Azerbaijan Carried Out 600 Flights In Nagorno-Karabakh War, Lost One Single SU-25 Fighter Aircraft

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Between September 27th and November 9th, the Azerbaijani Air Force flew more than 600 combat missions.

At the same time, only one Su-25 attack aircraft was lost, shot down by the Armenian air defense forces on October 4 in the Jabrayil region.

Colonel Zaur Nudiraliyev, who was piloting the plane, was killed.

It is no secret that the primary combat task facing the Azerbaijan Air Force was the destruction of enemy air defense systems.

In order to achieve this, the Air Force mobilized all available means and forces. To destroy enemy air defenses, SU-25 attack aircraft was also used.

For these purposes, the Azerbaijani Air Force command ordered the use of new tactics on the SU-25 aircraft.

This work was entrusted to Colonel Zaur Nudiraliyev, AzerTAc reports.

Zaur Nudiraliyev is an experienced pilot who has been trained abroad and gained experience in exercises held in various countries. The colonel coped with the task brilliantly. In numerous exercises, he developed a unique method of bombing with a mathematical method from high altitudes, without aiming. This method, which meets NATO standards, has been adopted by other pilots.

According to World War II veteran Major Javid Faradzhev, the SU-25 attack aircraft is designed for use at low altitudes.

But Colonel Zaur Nudiraliyev managed to use all the capabilities of the SU-25 attack aircraft.

“When the SU-25 flies at low and medium altitudes, there is a high probability of being hit by air defense systems. Thanks to his experience and research, Zaur Nudiraliyev was able to develop unparalleled tactics. In World War II, the enemy was broken by the SU-25 pinpoint bomb attacks from high altitudes. He also dropped laser-guided bombs from the SU-25 for the first time. Thanks to all these tactics that he taught to his students, we were able to gain great superiority in battles,” he said.

Reportedly Zaur Nudiraliyev in his SU-25 inflicted crushing blows on the enemy in the direction of Agdere, Fizuli and Jabrayil. During his last flight, he became a target for enemy air defenses.

“On October 4, Zaur Nudiraliyev, in his SU-25, approached the target assigned to him in the direction of Jebrail. At that moment, the central command post received information about the actions of enemy air defense systems. According to our intelligence information, there should have been no air defense systems in that territory. There was a great risk that the SU-25s could be shot down. We were immediately ordered to go back. At this time, Zaur Nudiraliyev had already hit his target and was returning back. After that, he stopped communicating. His plane had already been shot down. Despite his injury, the colonel could still eject. But he did not do this in order not to be captured. Having sacrificed his life, he sent the plane to the area where enemy forces and equipment were concentrated and died heroically,” said Lieutenant Colonel Elchin Mamedov, who was flying with Zaur Nudiraliyev.

After he was downed, The Azerbaijani Air Force completely destroyed enemy air defense systems in this direction.

This opened up ample opportunities for the use of attack drones, combat helicopters and aircraft. Thanks to them, a large number of gun mounts, tanks, equipment and enemy manpower were destroyed. Special forces and infantry were able to liberate Jabrayil, Fuzuli and the village of Hadrut with minimal losses.

Thanks to the new tactical technique implemented during the war, Azerbaijani pilots flew more than 600 combat missions and destroyed a large number of enemy equipment and manpower.

It was thanks to this tactic that only one SU-25 attack aircraft was lost during the entire 44-day war

For his feat, Colonel Zaur Nudiraliyev was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of the Patriotic War.”

It should be recalled that the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan until mid-October actively denied the use of manned aircraft on its part, and denied the loss of its aircraft until the end of the conflict.


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Arman Melkonyan


How Russians blackmailed, betrayed, defrauded and STOLE from their allies the Armenians:

In January 2013, Gazprom became the 100% owner of Armenia’s gas facilities.
The “gas contract” signed by Presidents Putin and Sargsyan assumed that gas would be supplied to Armenia at domestic Russian prices.
In practice, it turned out like this: “Gazprom” actually sold gas at domestic Russian prices to its 100% subsidiary. But “on the border” of Armenia gas suddenly grew in price – and the “daughter” Russian state-owned company Inter RAO UES sold this gas to Armenian consumers about TWICE AS EXPENSIVELY through Electric Networks of Armenia which is its 100% owned subsidiary.

Armenia was negotiating with Europe on the Association Agreement. In July 2013, they were crowned with success; it was expected that the parties would sign an agreement in the fall. Then, in July, it became known that Russia had raised the price of gas for Armenia: from $ 180 per thousand cubic meters to $270. Russia had blackmailed Armenia against signing the European Association Agreement. Consequently, the Armenians were forced to drop the agreement with the EU.

But when Armenia asked to join the Eurasian Union with Russia, Russians refused saying that they did not recognize Karabakh.
Russia said this in May 2014, that is, two months after Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Even though Armenia, was one of the very few countries that welcomed the referendum in Crimea.

Prior to this outrage, until the Armenian Metsamor power plant was reopened, Russia was selling electricity to Armenia on credit terms which were 1.5 times more expensive than the more favorable financing terms available from Europe.

In 2001, Russia forgave four billion dollars of Ethiopia’s debt.

In 2000 – nine billion to Vietnam.

In total, from 2000 to 2005, Russia wrote off about 30 billion to Tanzania, Iraq, Laos, Benin, Guinea-Bissau and other close friends.

Then right before the second Karabakh war started, Russia sold more sophisticated arms than Russia’s ally Armenia ever had, to Armenia’s enemy, Azerbaijan.

Russians themselves had documented in Baku and Soumgait between 1988 and 1990 the fact that Azeris had tortured and killed their citizens of Armenian ethnicity as a matter of state policy, in pogroms organized by the Azeri government, during which the Azeri authorities had manufactured and distributed sharp-edged iron bars to Azeri civilians to enable them to stab and hack Armenian civilians to death.

After the second Karabakh war started, the Russians REFUSED to employ purely defensive Electronic Warfare assets which the Armenians did not possess. As a result, Turkish and Israeli drones murdered thousands of defenseless Armenians. The Russians watched their allies the Armenians get slaughtered without lifting a finger:


Russia used Armenia as exchange coin in trade with Turkey.

Arman Melkonyan

Animals, these Russians. No better than Jews or Muslims. Same thing, really. Even Zionist Americans have more of a sense of honor.


That is a bit harsh, but Russia does seem to have a lack of geo-strategic clarity or cohesive nationalistic policies. The Jews seem to exert more influence in Russia than in more diverse and largely democratic and open US. Jewish influence in Congress and Wall Street muted any US criticism of Turkey during the Karabakh conflict.

Arman Melkonyan

I don’t think it’s harsh at all considering the Russians ENABLED the Turks to torture and slaughter thousands of Armenians, whereas if the Russians had not held back the deployment of a few Electronic Warfare assets from their ALLIES the Armenians, this outrage would not have taken place.
This can no longer be denied.
For the rest, your comments have merit IMO.

Rhodium 10

You shoud ask to Pashinyan why he refused to use the SU 25 to provide air support in Shusha when troops on ground asked for CAS.. I´ll give you the answer…Pashinyan wanted the total defeat of Armenia in NK to blame Russia…therefore in that case..Russian troops and the airbase would have to leave Armenia…then in Caucasus and Caspian between Russia and Iran…we would see one NATO country( Turkey) and 3 NATO puppets ( Georgia, Armenia, Azerbajan)…

Arman Melkonyan

Another Russian agent provocateur covering up the issues.

Great Khan

Brother Aliyev STRONK!

Great Khan

Azeri brother STRONK, must capture Yerevan …….and kick Armeni loser hard…Armeni coward Kaputenheimer,,,,,Great Khan know these things…….


If one is an ally of Russia one can only lose wars because Russia arms its enemies. You never, never win as the Russian “brothers” will always be happy to sell you cheap to the “partners”. There are too many examples in the last 30 years. Armenia should kick Russians out and join Europe and NATO for its own salvation. Unlike Russia it will be welcome! This is true for the Serbs too, after that Russia can completely concentrate on its true natural and cultural environment – the non-Christian Asia. And, Russia is better to hurry up because, even there it won’t be welcome for very long. Russia gets used by the “partners” and then gets dumped. I wonder, where have all the former friends and allies gone?

Rhodium 10

Pro western Serbian presidents and people have sold Kosovo and Montenegro to be part of EU…it is the same to have sold your son for a fistful of dollars..

Great Khan

hahahahaha Great Khan like…China silk dress…..

Me&Myself None

That’s because Armenia’s Russian made air defense systems were total garbage. This has been proven in Syria over and over by Israel. Proven in Libya by Turkey. Turkey has captured multiple Pansir systems in Libya, and has destroyed many in Syria.


Don’t mess with Russia …nuclear weapons are no joke and push come to shove they will shove one of them up the Turkish azzzz!

Great Khan

Turkey brother get nuke from Pakistan brother….hahahahhaha Russia lose to Pakistan in Afghanistan….still cry….hahahhahahha


Russian weapons in the Soviet era were pretty good considering the results in Vietnam and 1973 Ramadan war, but Russians have been led down by incoherent policies and poor leadership, much like Armenia. In Afghanistan the Red Army was left without any coherent strategy as US and Pakistan armed the mostly Pakistani military in mufti masquerading as the Afghan Pashtun resistance. Russia failed to impose a cost on Pakistan, which like today’s Turkey was the conduit of terrorism. Today, Putin seems to be suffering from some sort of bi-polar disorder by arming Turkey, a key NATO force by selling it the most modern weaponry and compromising Russian technology and sovereignty. Turkey is on a rampant course and will challenge Russia on various fronts, in a region where perceptions matter more than reality.

Arman Melkonyan

Not at all. Didn’t the Jewish Bolsheviks murder millions of Russian Slavs? When you acknowledge that Putin, Lavrov and Shoigu and the rest of the Russian administration are Jews, does it not make sense that they are all stealthily undermining Russian national interests?

Tommy Jensen

We carried out 1200 flights, lost none, and all US Service Members returned safely to their home base after hitting all their targets in a precision strike, without a single scratch on their uniforms.


In a Hollywood movie for sure.

Great Khan

Azerbaijan brother STRONK! must fini loser Armeni….