Azerbaijan Resumed Offensive Operations In Nagorno-Karabakh. Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center To Be located In Agdam

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Azerbaijan Resumed Offensive Operations In Nagorno-Karabakh. Russian-Turkish Monitoring Center To Be located In Agdam

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UPDATED 2 (13.12.2020): Armenian sources claim that while Azerbaijani troops entered Khtsaberd, the village of Khin Taher in fact remained in the hands of the Armenians. Situation in the area remains tense despite the reported involvement of Russian negotiators as a part of the effort to de-escalate the issue.

The Armenian Defense Ministry confirms that 6 of its fighters were injured in the December 12 clashes. Yerevan claims that Azerbaijani forces also suffered casualties.

UPDATE: According to pro-Armenian sources, Khtsaberd and Khin Taher were already captured by Azerbaijan. Baku accused the Armenians of the escalation.

President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev already promised to crush the Armenians with “an iron fist” in the event of the further escalation:

“I was informed that yesterday some terrorist acts were committed either by Armenian militants or by the remnants of the so-called “Armenian army”. Of course, this causes concern. I think that Armenia should not try to start over. Two days ago, at the military parade dedicated to our victory, I said that if the Armenian fascism rises again, we will crush it with an iron fist.”

Meanwhile, the Azerbaijani side revealed that the joint Turkish-Russian center to monitor the ceasefire will be located in Agdam District.


On December 12, forces of Azerbaijan resumed offensive operations in the contested Nagorno-Karabakh region, where the Armenians and Baku reached a ceasefire just a month ago.

According to the Armenian Defense Ministry, Azerbaijani forces have been advancing on the villages of Khtsaberd and Khin Taher. These villages, located south of the Lachin corridor, remained in the hands of the Armenians following the transfer of several districts to Baku as a part of the ceasefire deal.

This became the first ceasefire violation since November 10, when it entered force. The Russian Defense Ministry confirmed the incident in an official statement.

It seems that the new escalation is a result of actions of Armenian forces that just refused to withdraw from these two villages in violation of the agreement with Azerbaijan. The aforementioned villages were located in a de-facto enticement by Azerbaijani forces.

The situation is developing.


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