Azerbaijanis Wear Russian Uniform To Infiltrate Armenia-Held Areas And Murder Locals ?

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Azerbaijani service members have disguised in Russian military uniforms to infiltrate Armenian-held areas in the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh, according to British journalist Emile Ghessen.

Ghessen shared on his Instagram account a video showing the jacket of an Azerbaijani infiltrator who was recently captured in the town of Martuni.

According to different sources, Azerbaijani troops are using this tactic to infiltrate into Armenian-held areas of Nagorno-Karabakh, where they are abducting or even killing residents.

However, the type of military uniform shown in the video has not been used in Russian troops for a long time.

It is impossible to pass through any observation point of the Russian peacekeepers or Armenian militants in such a uniform. Persons in this form would be immediately detained. It is also impossible to pass through the ceasefire line without attracting the attention of the military. In addition to numerous control posts, the Russian military actively uses drones to monitor the demarcation line.

Some 2,000 peacekeepers have been deployed by Russia in Nagorno-Karabakh to oversee the implementation of the November 9 peace deal between Armenia and Azerbaijan. The Russian-brokered deal ended the second war in Nagorno-Karabakh that started on September 27 with Azerbaijani advance.

Russian peacekeepers have already deployed 23 observation posts in both the Armenian and Azerbaijani-held parts of Nagorno-Karabakh.

Azerbaijanis Wear Russian Uniform To Infiltrate Armenia-Held Areas And Murder Locals ?

Locations of Russian peacekeepers’ posts is marked with red triangles.

In case that this was a provocation planned by the Azerbaijani military or intelligence, it is obvious that the individuals sent to the Armenian territory would have been equipped in accordance with the current norms of uniforms of the Russian troops.

Two versions are possible.

According to the first version, some Azerbaijanis, rather civilians, decided to take advantage of the situation in the region to commit ‘personal vendetta’. it could be those who lost their relatives, homes and property during the first Nogorno-Karabakh war of 1992-1994.

According to the second version, such a publication is an informative campaign in favor of the Armenian side, which is intended to demonstrate to Russia that Azerbaijanis have the opportunity to commit sabotage and war crimes by dressing up in Russian uniforms. The purpose of this information campaign is most likely to destabilize the situation in the region.

Azerbaijanis Wear Russian Uniform To Infiltrate Armenia-Held Areas And Murder Locals ?

Screenshot of the Emile Ghessen’s video shared in Instagram with additional comments

The second version is supported by the fact that information about alleged Azerbaijanis and Turks is distributed by Pro-Armenian media, with the additional facts that the purpose of penetration are precisely murders in the local villages.

Moreover, old pea jackets, like the one shown in the video, are widely used by the local population as a daily outerwear.

It is highly likely that the information campaign was planned in advance, and the British journalist was deliberately shown this jacket and told about the recent detention of Azerbaijanis. After that, an unremarkable story on the Instagram of a British journalist was intercepted by a number of Armenian media with the emotional addition that Armenian fighters are making their way to the Armenian side in order to kill local residents.

Thus, the second variation seems to be more likely than the first one.

Most likely, in the coming months, there will be many more similar statements from both sides, because right now, after the situation is stabilized by Russian peacekeepers, legal investigations of war crimes committed during the conflict will begin.


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