Bahrain Claimed It Foiled “Terrorist Attack” Of Iranian-Linked Forces

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Bahrain Claimed It Foiled "Terrorist Attack" Of Iranian-Linked Forces

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Bahrain officials claimed that a planned attack was prevented by national security forces on November 22nd. The undisclosed number of suspects were arrested and their weapons, including the explosives, were confiscated ahead of a planned terrorist operation.

“Terrorists (were) arrested for plotting terrorist operations against security and civil peace,” the interior ministry wrote on Twitter.

The exact nationalities of the suspects were not revealed but they were blamed for being “linked with terrorist groups in Iran”. Shia muslims from Iran are often accused of plotting various provocations in Bahrain which has a Shia majority population.

Iran’s officials have already denied any accusations of the links between Tehran and the arrested suspects.

Following the protests in 2011, a Shia Muslim group Saraya al-Mukhtar was created in Bahrain. It has claimed multiple rare attacks on Bahraini security services since its inception in 2013. In September 2020, Bahrain’s special services prevented a series of its attacks against foreign diplomats. A month later, the kingdom’s court convicted dozens of suspects who were accused of links with the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Bahrain officials are fighting the opposition with support from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Another Bahraini “friend” is Israel.

Bahrain was among four Arab countries that normalized relations with Tel Aviv last year, as part of U.S.-brokered deal. Crown Prince Salman bin Hamad Al-Khalifa met with Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett at the COP 26 summit in Glasgow on November 2. The rapprochement between the two countries included various spheres, as well as the sphere of national defence.

The recent normalization of diplomatic relations led to a noticeable strengthening of their cooperation in the field of advanced cyber technologies. The King of Bahrain Hamad bin Issa al-Khalifa is making every effort to modernize Bahrain’s intelligence services using the latest Israelidevelopments. For example, Bahrain is now actively using the notorious Israeli Pegasus spy software to spy on local dissidents. Moreover, the parties reached an agreement on the distribution of Israeli cyber technologies through the Bahraini firm S3Tel.


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Ahh. They’re building the IRAN DID IT Narrative. You guys. It seems war is inevitable despite my exceeding optimism at times. What is Iran supposed to do? Like, Just say Hey Israel….We just give up. Let’s trade. You can have our country, and we will move all country to yours. Will you be happy?
Imagine the potential if Iran and Israel could be Allies and trading partners.