Barrage Of Rockets Hit Base Hosting US Troops In Central Iraq

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Barrage Of Rockets Hit Base Hosting US Troops In Central Iraq

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Late on April 18, a barrage of rockets struck Balad Air Base which is located 64 km north of the Iraqi capital Baghdad.

The RT TV said that three rockets landed in the base. However, Reuters reported that the number of rockets was at least five. From its side, the Sabereen News channel on Telegram claimed that six rockets were actually used in the attack.

US troops are known to be present in the air base, where F-16 warplanes are also deployed. The base also hosts headquarters of American Sallyport Global Holdings.

Citing Iraqi sources, RT reported that two Iraqi service members were wounded in the rocket strike. Meanwhile, the Sabereen News claimed that foreign contractors working for the US-led coalition were also wounded.

No group has claimed responsibility for the attack, so far. Pro-Iranian factions in Iraq are known for carrying similar attacks on US troops in the country.

This was the second attack on a facility hosting US troops in Iraq this week. On April 15, a suicide drone hit a US military installation in Erbil International Airport in the Kurdistan Region.

The new rocket attack on Balad Air Base was likely a part of the ongoing military campaign by pro-Iranian forces to push US troops out of Iraq. The US-led coalition usually responds to fatal attacks only.


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