Belarussian Lovers Of Nazi Collaborators Pretend To Be Victims Of ‘Modern Holocaust’ To Fight Lukashenko

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The Belarussian opposition has been trying to weaponized the Holocaust agenda for the propaganda battle against the government of President Alexander Lukashenko.

In a new propaganda video staged by opposition media, alleged ‘residents’ of the Serebryanka neighborhood of Minsk was involved in the Holocaust-styled event. Actors wore six-pointed stars with numbers 23.34 and white-red-white colors. By this move, the opposition propaganda likely tried to convince the international audience that there is a kind of the Holocaust-styled developments are ongoing in Belarus.

The numbers 23.34 refers to the propaganda project of the opposition designed to ‘collect and promote’ information about ‘human right violations’ during protests in Belarus. At the same time, the white-red-white colors refer to the flag used by the Belarusian opposition to oppose supporters of the government that use the red-and-green national flag of the country.

Ironically, the white-red-white flag is especially popular among the radical nationalists, which are the core of the ‘strike force’ of the opposition and are linked with Belarussian collaborators with the Nazis during the World War 2. Summing up, the lovers of the Nazi collaborators try to use the Holocaust agenda to promote their ideology. This is how the modern propaganda in the interests of the ‘democratic opposition’ really works.


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