Biden Snubs China And Russia With Democracy Summit

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Biden Snubs China And Russia With Democracy Summit

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The US invited Taiwan and didn’t invite China or Russia

Originally published on AntiWars

President Biden is hosting a democracy summit on December 9th and 10th that will be attended by over 100 countries. Biden snubbed both Russia and China by not inviting them and asking Taiwan to attend.

Russia said the US was separating countries by “dividing lines.” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said the guest list released by the State Department shows that the US “prefers to create new dividing lines, to divide countries into those that — in their opinion — are good, and those that are bad.” He added that the US is trying to “privatize the term ‘democracy.’”

Since China is opposed to any official contacts between the US and Taiwan, Biden’s move to invite Taipei to the summit angered Beijing. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said Beijing “firmly opposes” the US inviting Taiwan.

“What the US has done shows exactly that it is only using democracy as a cover and tool to advance its geostrategic goals, suppress other countries, divide the world, and serve its selfish agenda of maintaining hegemony,” Zhao said.

President Biden has framed the US relationship with China as an ideological battle between “autocracy” and “democracy.” The US is also expanding military cooperation with so-called “like-minded” countries in Asia to counter Beijing and is taking steps to boost diplomatic ties with Taiwan.


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Lone Ranger

Biden hosting a democratic summit is like nazis hosting World Christian association.

Tommy Jensen

It is because Russia and China are not democracies but dictatorships.
Do you invite a butcher union to a Royal tea party with civilised high class people? Off course not.
This is not for our sake but for their sake.
Russia would stand in a corner with a bottle of vodka, and China would bring in 100 Chinese Ambassadors with each their rice bowl. It would never work!
China is angry because Taiwan now gets the free rice they should have had, and Russia because they dreamed they could be equal partner.
If small children wants cake, they must do their homework first!


wow brainwashed level 9000


Why would it matter? it is their party