Blackouts Continue In Venezuela Following Series Of Alleged Sabotage Attacks

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Blackouts Continue In Venezuela Following Series Of Alleged Sabotage Attacks

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On March 30th, blackouts in Venezuela continued, as a result of alleged continuing attacks on infrastructure.

Information Minister Jorge Rodriguez announced that several synchronized attacks took place on March 29th and 30th.

“In an attempt to undermine the tranquility of our people, these two attacks, perpetrated on March 29 and 30, add to the past aggressions, just when the decisive action of the Government and the workers had achieved the restoration of the electric service,” the Venezuelan official said, as sectors of Caracas have reported no service beginning at approximately 7:11 p.m.

Rodriguez added that the Bolivarian government “will persist with its effort to restore the stability of the electric service. We will achieve the recovery of equipment damaged by the empire and strengthen our system to make it impregnable.”

Electricity War Continues In Venezuela.

Venezuela's electricity system was attacked again twice on the same day.

Posted by teleSUR English on Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Governor of Miranda, Hector Rodriguez tweeted that “following the electrical failure minutes ago, we began to recover energy in several municipalities of Miranda state. The hospitals are running on a backup plant, and the security forces have been deployed to guarantee tranquility for the people.”

On March 30th, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro’s supporters took to the streets to protest the US attempts at regime change and meddling in the country’s internal affairs.

The head of the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly Diosdado Cabello spoke at the rally, he accused the opposition of supporting oligarchs and claimed that the US would not enter the country without heavy resistance:

“We need to talk to those who are confused, to those who think you can negotiate with the far-right, we need to say ‘don’t surrender, the struggle is alive'”

“Dear empire, if you think one US solider is going to enter without Chavistas resistance, you’ve got another thing coming”

“The oligarchy will never return to the presidential palace, they’ll never set foot here.”

On March 29th, Venezuelan Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino Lopez questioned MSM silence while the US seeks to violate Venezuela’s sovereignty.

According to him, the US intelligence activities have gone up by 800% at the country’s borders, but MSM rather focuses on creating a “scandal” out of Venezuela and Russia’s military cooperation.

“No scandal is heard… when U.S. planes land in Cucuta [Colombia] or when the U.S. Air Force electronic signals surveillance around our territory have increased by 800%,” Padrino said and stressed that “when Venezuela’s sovereignty is about to be violated, nobody says anything!”

“Mr. John Bolton has sent me messages asking me to do the right thing and I say: we are doing the right thing, what is established in the Constitution,” Minister Padrino Lopez indicated and added that his job is to “respect and protect the People’s will and support the legitimate and legally constituted authorities.”

Maduro also tweeted that Venezuelans will be stronger than ever dispute the tribulations.

“I have the fullest conviction that we will be stronger than ever in the battle that is now being presented to us. We will defeat aggressions with the force steeming from the anti-imperialist spirit of Comandante Chavez. The fate of just causes will always be victory!”

In support of Venezuela and against current and possible future US and NATO actions in the country, hundreds of activists marched in Washington, D.C.

The march was aimed at showing “mass popular opposition to NATO, wars, racism and US aggression against Venezuela,” the National Mobilization Steering Committee said.

Meanwhile, US-Proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido appears to have been “kicked out” of a working-class district in Caracas.

Despite that he continued his calls for protests and end of “usurpation,” with dramatical calls, trying to reach people’s hearts

The Rebellion of our People is manifested in how we defend our Freedom and the right to let the dictatorship know that nobody is surrendered here. The Darkness they want to impose will never take place in our hearts. Let’s Go for the cessation of usurpation!


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Promitheas Apollonious

Alleged? You do have a strange way with words. Someone has to teach you how to connect the dots.


Like the ‘alleged’ use of Napalm in Indochina for example?


Gweedo/Guaido, the CIA puppet of the Empire, looking to bestow gifts similar to what Ukrainians have received after their CIA puppet was bestowed on Ukrainians. It’s amazing that any Venezuelans would be in a rush to overthrow their government for a chance at living like Ukrainians scrambling over their border into Europe to clean toilets for a living. That’s exactly what they’ll get if they let the US steal their resources and impoverish them. As for the saboteurs of the electrical grid, when caught, they should be turned over to the Venezuelan people for judgment and sentencing.


Another telling sign. Yes, the protests give a clue as to how things are fairing for Mr. Smiley. Once again, I see very few people with Guaidó. He has a paltry escort and they were easily run off. As the people there said, nothing but, cowards. There is no support for the guy in his country. It is as I noted regarding another appearance of his, that looked like a high school event hosted to discuss seatbelt safety. Nobody was there, not one picture from him showing the crowd and very few functionaries were with him. This blackout stuff is obvious sabotage. It wasn’t happening before and began only after all other efforts against the government had failed. His support will wane from it even further, until it is nonexistent. Then what is going happen, a coup against the coup poster boy? Maybe somebody with an even more attractive smile? Pfffft.

My personal opinion is that the actions of my country, taken against the PEOPLE of Venezuela are a disgrace. It needs to stop. This playbook being used now is ancient and nolonger viable in the modern world. Playing with the mafia, supporting terrorists ( and that is plainly what this is ) does not work in the world of today. It is too easily seen and humanity in general doesn’t want it. Stop before it is too late. The consequences of not doing so could take all, permanently. Big mouths in office, murderous aides working towards unattainable goals, are bringing the potential for complete and irreversible wages. It truly could all be gone over this.

All you folks in your nice offices, nice suites, nice jobs, doing all this stuff ……… by doing things like threatening Russia for abiding by it agreements with Venezuela, you are placing everything you have, including your families in jeopardy. Have they no value in your lives? Is it all just about a paycheck or doing fun but, very nasty stuff with perceived impunity? I ask simply this, when you look into the faces of the ones you love, could you tell them what you do?

There is time to back away from this but, one day there will be a mistake. It is coming. History is full of these moments, when all was washed away in the blink of an eye. I do offer my opinion on things but, the choice and responsibility is yours. Don’t blow it. My take, I wish well to all.

Fred Dozer

This is Sabotage. Electric, water, pipelines are the first targets the CIA go after. Only very evil people, punish the innocent first. Difficult to restore and hope there is mass support from China & Russia in equipment and man power.
Puerto Rico Power Fully Restored 18 Months After Hurricane Maria Wiped Out the Grid
By Associated PressMarch 21 2019 09:05 AM


Typical American tactics.