Bloomberg Claims Russia Is Burning Dead Soldiers in Ukraine

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  • Bloomberg cites unnamed Ukrainian and U.S. intelligence sources, claiming that Russia is using mobile crematoriums in Ukraine

Bloomberg Claims Russia Is Burning Dead Soldiers in Ukraine

Article is originally appeared at Russia-insider

This is really just embarassing:

“The Russians are trying to hide their casualties by taking mobile crematoriums with them,” House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry told me. “They are trying to hide not only from the world but from the Russian people their involvement.”

Thornberry said he had seen evidence of the crematoriums from both U.S. and Ukrainian sources. He said he could not disclose details of classified information, but insisted that he believed the reports. “What we have heard from the Ukrainians, they are largely supported by U.S. intelligence and others,” he said.

Yes. Classified information. Like Saddam’s aluminum tubes.

What’s funny is that the rebels have made similar claims about Ukrainian mobile crematoriums. Except the western media never reported it — because there’s no real evidence to substantiate the claim. But if we’re talking about Russia…

What’s next, Putin has a secret space base on the dark side of the Moon?

Step up your game, Bloomberg.

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