Brazilian Bank Robbers Left Cash Scattered On Road After Battle With Police (Videos)

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Early on December 2, more than 20 robbers armed with high-caliber weapons stormed a bank in the small Brazilian town of Cametá.

The gunmen took several hostages while robbing a branch of Banco do Brasil. They exchanged gunfire with police in the streets before fleeing in a convoy of vehicles.

The Para state security ministry said the gunmen killed one hostage during the heist. Another local resident was shot in the leg and is now in a stable condition.

Following the clashes, the police found an abandoned getaway vehicle outside Cametá with explosives inside. According to the security ministry, the situation in the town is now calm and reinforcements are being deployed.

A day earlier, a similar heist took place in the southern city of Criciúma. Around 30 heavily-armed robbers stormed a local bank and clashed with the police before fleeing in a fleet of cars, leaving loads of cash scattered on the roads behind them.

The Police said two people, one of them a police officer, were injured in the clashes. Authorities have located 810,000 reais [$152,660] of the stolen money.

The perpetrators of both heists, which may be linked, are yet to be identified. Brazil has a long history of bank heists. Organized crime pose a serious challenge to the country’s authorities.


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Ivan Freely

Silly monkeys. Robbing banks are so last century. Be a banker if you want to rob someone AND it’s legal too!


Or a politician.


A politician is someone who allows the banker to rob the country and gets a tiny percent.